AKMU announced to make comeback with 3 new singles

AKMU announced to make comeback with 3 new singles

YG Entertainment has issued an official notice regarding AKMU 's comeback plans! >>> See more...

YG Entertainment has issued an official notice regarding AKMU 's comeback plans!


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The label stated as follows on August 11,

"Hello, this is YG Entertainment. We would like to deliver good news today, as we thank all fans who love and support AKMU.

AKMU plan on releasing a series new music starting in September over three different dates.

The AKMU members have already completed all recordings for their new music releases, and they are currently in the process of filming 3 different MVs to portray their unique color.

If AKMU's 3rd full album 'Sailing' proved the growth and transformation of the genius duo last year, then this year, you can look forward to their evolution. 

We ask that you all anticipate AKMU's many new emotional dimensions, as like 'Fish in the sea', AKMU swim freely across the expanse of the musical ocean. Thank you."


Stay tuned for even more updates on AKMU's next three comebacks!