Actor Kang Tae Oh’s Loveable Mistake Has Fans Falling In Love With Him All Over Again

Actor Kang Tae Oh’s Loveable Mistake Has Fans Falling In Love With Him All Over Again

Even K-Drama stars can’t have their cake and eat it too.

ENA‘s K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has done so much good for the people involved. For example, the drama’s success has led to the production company’s stock prices going way up!

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That isn’t all. The drama’s success has trickled down to its actors. Park Eun Bin, for one, has seen her appearance fees double since the start of the drama.

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Actor Kang Tae Oh has also seen a meteoric rise in popularity since the drama. The actor, who was little known despite noteworthy performances in Doom At Your Service and Run On, has become a household name, with fans lamenting the actor’s impending military service.

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The actor who plays the calm, gentle Lee Jun Ho in the drama showed a much more relatable side recently through his Instagram.

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho in episode 1 - 2...

On August 18, the actor uploaded a series of photos. In the post captioned, “The end of Lee Jun Ho,” the actor is seen holding a cake in a rather precarious position.

On the cake is written, “The end of Lee Jun Ho.” Not before long, the cake is seen sliding down to the actor’s hands due to the way it was held up.

Kang Tae Oh | @kto940620/Instagram

Kang Tae Oh | @kto940620/Instagram

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the actor’s adorable mistake.

  • “LOL, it is the end of the cake as well.”
  • “He’s cute to the very end.”
  • “No, I can’t lose Lee Jun Ho. Don’t go!”
  • “Why is this so funny, lol.”
  • “This is so funny.”

Joo Jong Hyuk, who plays Kwon Min Woo in the drama, also couldn’t help chiming in.


— Joo Jong Hyuk

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ended its extraordinary run on August 18, with the airing of its final episode. The drama with humble beginnings became an international sensation due to its heartwarming and refreshing take on the lawyer K-Drama formula. The drama will be best remembered for bringing awareness to developmental disabilities in a country where its people are so focused on getting ahead that they often forget those that are left behind.


The drama is currently in talks for a second season. Despite the production company’s CEO stating there would be a second season, according to the production team, no definite plans have been confirmed.

Source: Koreaboo