Actor Kang Tae Oh Looks Perfect Even In Pre-Debut Photos Like The King He Is

Actor Kang Tae Oh Looks Perfect Even In Pre-Debut Photos Like The King He Is

He also listed his childhood dream.

Kang Tae Oh has been sweeping up fans recently with his role as Jun Ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. He played the adorably sweet love interest of the main character, Young Woo. Thanks to his loyal and affectionate demeanor, he was dubbed a golden retriever type of boyfriend! His slightly droopy eyes and wide smile certainly help to promote this image.

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Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Netflix

As his star rises, his fans get more curious about his past. A lucky fan managed to get their hands on Kang Tae Oh’s elementary school photos recently. They claim to have gotten them directly from someone that knew him.

He was an extremely handsome kid! His face shape, lips, and nose were already well-formed as a child. They look almost the same as they do now.

Even from a 45 degrees side angle, you have to admit that nothing has changed.

He even adorably listed his nickname as “frog”, while his specialties include soccer. His dream? A movie actor of course! Safe to say, he managed to achieve his childhood dream. Not only has he starred in multiple dramas, he also was in the 2018 movie Feng Shui.

Kang Tae Oh will unfortunately be off to the military for his mandatory service soon. He will be enlisting on September 20, 2022 for 18 months.

Source: Koreaboo