9 K-Pop Groups’ Contracts With Their Companies Will Expire in 2022

9 K-Pop Groups’ Contracts With Their Companies Will Expire in 2022

Do you know which groups?

Though it feels like they just debuted yesterday, these nine K-pop groups are approaching the "seven-year curse." Here are the K-pop idol groups whose contracts will expire in 2022 and will soon be facing contract renewals.



(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

TWICE debuted on October 10, 2015. The group was formed through the Mnet survival show "SIXTEEN," with Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun and Chaeyoung making the original seven and Momo and Tzuyu being added as additional members.

The girls have been promoting with each other for six years, and their popularity in the mainstream Western market is just beginning.

Though it seems unlikely that TWICE will disband, many worry that Mina and Jeongyeon will choose not to renew their contract. This is because the two openly struggled with their mental health during TWICE activities.

In addition, some also wonder if Tzuyu will return to Taiwan following her contract expiration.

2. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl

(Photo : Oh My Girl Instagram)

Oh My Girl debuted on April 21, 2015, with eight members, but now promote as seven members. In 2020, Oh My Girl achieved mainstream success with "Nonstop," earning them their first music show all-kill.

Though their contract expires in 2022, five members already renewed their contract with WM Entertainment in October 2021.

Currently, only Jiho and Mimi have yet to renew their contract with WM Entertainment.

3. iKON


(Photo : iKON Instagram)

iKON debuted as a seven-member group on September 15, 2015, but are currently six members following B.I's withdrawal. iKON has always been highly successful but saw massive success in 2018 with "Love Scenario." The song swept first place on all major music charts in South Korea and became known as a song loved by both young and old.

iKON has not had a comeback since March 2021. Following reports that Bobby will be getting married and welcomed his first child, many believe the future of iKON is uncertain.



(Photo : MONSTA X Instagram)

MONSTA X debuted under Starship Entertainment on May 14, 2015, after being formed on the survival show "No.Mercy." MONSTA X had gained lots of fans due to their hip-hop style and mainly aesthetic. Many considered them a breath of fresh air from the "flower boys" of K-pop.

While it is a pity that Wonho left the group in 2019, MONSTA X's popularity shows no signs of declining.

Currently, leader Shownu is partaking in his mandatory military service. Despite that, it is expected that MONSTA X will re-sign their contracts with Starship Entertainment.



(Photo : APRIL Instagram)

APRIL debuted on August 24, 2015, under DSP Entertainment. APRIL is considered the most controversial member of the group, as former member Hyunjoo revealed that she left the group after being bullied by her fellow members.

While APRIL and DSP Media denied these claims, Hyunjoo revealed medical evidence that showed her mistreatment at the hands of her company and her group.

APRIL has not had a comeback since July 2020. Because of their scandal, many believe APRIL will most likely disband in 2022.

6. DAY6


(Photo : DAY6 Instagram)

DAY6 debuted under JYP Entertainment on September 7, 2015. The group became popular as JYP Entertainment's first boy band, with members who did not dance but played instruments on stage.

Though they are considered underrated, many have grown to love DAY6 for their unique charms and skills.

However, DAY6's future is hazy. Currently, Sungjin and Young K are partaking their mandatory military enlistment. In addition, Jae has also gone viral several times after revealing his negative feelings towards the idol lifestyle and how the company is treating him.

Therefore, it is unsure if all members of DAY6 will renew their contracts.

7. CLC


(Photo : CLC Instagram)

CLC debuted on March 19, 2015. The girl group has gone through several line-up changes in the past. They originally debuted as five members but added two members in 2015.

In 2020, Elkie left CLC, and in 2021, Sorn left the group. During her time on "Girls Planet 999," Yujin revealed that Cube Entertainment told the group that they would stop giving them activities and no longer support them.

People believe that CLC has all but disbanded. With two members gone and Yujin contracted to promote with Kep1er for two and a half years, many believe that CLC will officially disband in 2022.



(Photo : UP10TION Instagram)

UP10TION debuted under TOP Media on September 10, 2015. The group remained vastly underrated for their career.

In 2019, Lee Jinhyun and Kim Wooseok competed on "Produce X 101" as trainees. The two became popular trainees, reaching the finale and Kim Wooseok debuting with X1. This helped UP10TION gain some traction.

Sadly, Kim Wooseok only promoted with X1 for four months until they disbanded.

Lee Jinhyuk and Kim Wooseok never returned to UP10TION and debuted as soloists. UP10TION is scheduled to release their tenth-mini album, "Novella," on January 3, 2022. After that, however, many are unsure if the group will disband or stay together.

9. DIA


(Photo : DIA Instagram)

DIA debuted on September 14, 2015, under MBK Entertainment. DIA has gone through several line-up changes and is currently seven members. Though they were initially under the radar, DIA received some fame after Jung Chaeyeon competed on "Produce 101" and debuted with I.O.I.

Still, their future is uncertain. The group's last comeback was in May 2020 and did not feature the group's whole line-up. Moreover, as MBK Entertainment seems to be pushing Jung Chaeyeon's acting career, people believe DIA might disband in 2022.

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