iKON Chats About Letting Go Of Expectations As They Dish On Their Upcoming Comeback And World Tour

iKON Chats About Letting Go Of Expectations As They Dish On Their Upcoming Comeback And World Tour

iKON has touched on their upcoming album and world tour with Beauty+!

On what kinds of songs fans can anticipate from iKON’s upcoming album, Bobby shared, “For starters, you’ll get songs from members who have yet to do solo tracks. Additionally, we filled most of the album’s songs with ones we wrote, and among those includes a song composed by Junhoe.”

Jinhwan added, “You’ll get to meet songs that are a variety of styles. [The album] contains songs of styles that we like and feel confident doing, but there are also genres of challenging styles. There will be fun in listening to each and every track.”

In early March, iKON announced Bobby’s solo comeback and the group’s world tour as their first endeavors under their new agency. iKON’s “TAKE OFF” world tour is set to begin with a two-night Seoul concert in May and the group is also currently gearing up to make a comeback.

Thinking forward to these exciting plans, Yunhyeong commented, “We’ve spoken multiple times about how we feel but if we make 100 predictions, all 100 times do not go as planned. That’s why I no longer have expectations or try to make predictions.”

Bobby chimed in, “If you continue to diligently do the homework you’re given and do what you have to do, you have less regret when it comes time to accept the results. I’m doing my best with everything to make sure I don’t think ‘Ah, if I had worked harder on this back then, wouldn’t the results be different now?'”

Jinhwan shared with a laugh, “I’m different from my members. I feel good about this.”

Donghyuk then gave his take, explaining, “Recently, I shared a meal with someone who’s like my ‘life’s senior’ and talked about my concerns. They gave me advice which was really comforting. They told me, ‘Why are you trying to turn the world upside down and only do well? You guys have worked hard and people already know that you guys do well. So don’t get hung up on that and promote enjoyably, without regret.’ With those words, I was able to let go of my stress and worries. There’s no reason to dwell on first place or good results. We have fans now who love us and we’re thankful that we have the opportunity to showcase our music.”

Check out iKON’s full interview and pictorial in the April issue of Beauty+!

Source: Soompi