9 K-Pop Girl Group Maknaes are Famous For Their Immense Popularity and Stunning Visuals

9 K-Pop Girl Group Maknaes are Famous For Their Immense Popularity and Stunning Visuals

Who are on the list?

Beauty? Check. Popularity? Check. Talent? Check. These nine K-pop girl group maknaes have it all!

1. IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Jang Wonyoung Instagram)

While she is no longer the maknae with IVE, Jang Wonyoung became famous as the maknae and center of IZ*ONE. Despite debuting at 14, Jang Wonyoung shocked everyone with her matura vocal and dance ability. She also became famous for her visuals and her long Sailor Moon legs.

2. ITZY Yuna


(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

When Yuna debuted with "DALLA DALLA," she caused a visual explosion with her red hair. Many people said she looked like a Disney princess thanks to her hair and snow-like complexion. When she debuted, Yuna was only 15 years old; the idol impressed people with her unique expressions and energetic dancing.

3. TWICE Tzuyu


(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Not only is Tzuyu's TWICE maknae and visual, but the female idol has also been named as one of the most beautiful faces in the world. In 2019, she was even named as THE most beautiful face! From her appearance on "SIXTEEN" to now, Tzuyu has been known for her perfect proportions, small face, and doe-like eyes.

4. Oh My Girl Arin


(Photo : Arin Instagram)

Oh My Girl's adorable maknae Arin has become a household name following the group's appearance on "Queendom" and their hit summer track "NONSTOP." Arin debuted when she was 15 with Oh My Girl, and fans have watched her grow from a cute teenager to an elegant adult. Now, she exudes a pure and lovely yet matura aura!



(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

BLACKPINK member Lisa is known for her Barbie-like physique. This charming idol is YG Entertainment's first foreign artist and BLACKPINK's main dancer and lead rapper. Lisa is considered a beauty that attracts both Western and Eastern audiences. Her popularity is unparalleled; she currently has 69.6 million followers, making her the most followed K-pop idol on the platform.

6. miss A Suzy


(Photo : Suzy Instagram)

Although the "Nation's First Love" Suzy is now active as an actress, she first debuted as the maknae, vocalist and visual of the JYP Entertainment girl group miss A. Suzy, who looks sweet and has honey-like vocals, attracted much attention during her debut. After acting in dramas such as "Dream High," "Gu Family Book," and "Start Up," Suzy quickly became one of South Korea's it-girl.

7. f(x) Krystal


(Photo : Krystal Instagram)

Cold beauty Krystal is now active in the entertainment world as an actress, but she initially debuted as the maknae and visual of f(x). The idol is known for her high-class face and incredible abs that make any clothes look good. Krystal's addition to the group added a sophisticated vibe to f(x), but everyone knows she is a true softie at heart!

8. (G)I-DLE Shuhua


(Photo : (G)I-DLE Twitter)

Shuhua is the maknae and visual of (G)I-DLE. The Taiwanese member became popular due to her straightforward and honest personality, defending herself and her group members from unnecessary hate during live streams. Shuhua also gained fame for her immense growth as a singer and dancer.

9. IVE Leeseo


(Photo : IVE Twitter)

While IVE as a whole earned immense popularity right after their debut thanks to their catchy song "ELEVEN" and visuals, maknae Leeseo herself has become a hot topic. Despite only being 14 years old (15 years old internationally), Leeseo boasts stunning visuals, stable vocals and beautiful dance lines. It is expected that she will only get better in the future!