9 idols that won YG survival show 'MIXNINE' but couldn't debut

9 idols that won YG survival show 'MIXNINE' but couldn't debut

In 2017, the survival show 'MIXNINE' caught attention of the audience as the first survival show of YG Entertainment to...

In 2017, the survival show 'MIXNINE' caught attention of the audience as the first survival show of YG Entertainment to recruit trainees from many companies, just like the 'Produce 101' series. In particular, this is also a survival show for both male and female idols. In the end, the male group with 9 members won the show. However, the group from MIXNINE was unable to debut. YG said the reason was because the program did not as successful as they expected, causing them much damage,. Meanwhile, the management companies claimed YG changed the terms of the contract from 4 months to 3 years to force the winning candidates to leave.


Regardless of the complicated story between the agencies, the majority of netizens are said that the 9 winners couldn't debut. Most people think that if this male group got what they deserved, they would surely create a 'fever' thanks to their outstanding talents. However, at the end of the day, the boys still had to find their own path.

3 years later, these 9 factors suddenly became the talk of the town again on online forums for one heart-warming reason: All of them were and are about to debut with their own groups. Although some of them are on the way to success, some are still struggling to find fame, but overall, they still make Korean netizens happy because no one's talent is wasted.

At 9th place: LEE BYONGGON


This trainee left YG to join C9 Entertainment, then debuted in boy group CIX under the stage name BX. Soon, they will make a comeback with their 3rd mini album.

At 8th place: LEE DONGHUN


Going back to A.C.E, he's getting more new fans thanks to his impressive singing skills.

At 7th place: KIM MINSEOK


Min Seok, with stage name Laun, returned to ONF, then left the group in August 2019.

At 6th place: A-DAY / SONG HANGYEOM


Han Gyeom is working with Seven O'Clock. The group has made several comebacks and is currently keeping in touch with fans through social networks.

At 5th place: CHOI HYUNSUK


After two and a half years waiting, on the upcoming August 7, Choi Hyun Suk will debut with TREASURE. The male idol is the leader of a 12-member boygroup under YG Entertainment.

At 4th place: KIM BYEONGKWAN


He went back to being a member of A.C.E, with Lee Donghun (8th place on this list). The fact that A.C.E has 2 members on the winning team of MIXNINE is enough to prove how talented they really are.

At 3rd place: LEE RUBIN


Lee Rubin debuted a member of 1TEAM in 2019. Currently, 1TEAM is still trying to make their name known to the public, although the group already has a stable fan base.

At 2nd place: KIM HYOJIN


Hyojin went back to ONF. Thanks to 'Road To Kingdom', the popularity of Hyojin and the group has increased a lot.

At 1st place: WOO JINYOUNG


Missing the opportunity to debut with 'MIXNINE', Jin Young came back to be a trainee for a long time before debuting with D1CE. The group recently made a comeback with 'Draw You'.


Who do you think will be the most successful of MIXNINE now that they are all having their own activities?