8 Times Stylists Criticized For Controversial Outfits In 2020

8 Times Stylists Criticized For Controversial Outfits In 2020

#3 was dangerous.

When stylists choose an inappropriate, dangerous, or downright ugly outfit for their idol, they can catch under fire for it. Here are 8 times in the past year that stylists of Korean artists were criticized for their poor choices.

1. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE’s stylists were criticized for their revealing dance relay outfits.

Besides Minnie, all members wore short skirts that exposed their safety shorts.

The choreography contains a lot of leg lifting and spreading so many believe the choice was inappropriate for the song.

Fans demanded for outfits that suited the song’s choreography and were more comfortable for the members to perform in.

2. BTS

BTS’s stylists came under fire for their lack of attention to detail on the group’s outfits for TIME magazine’s cover as Entertainer of The Year.

Fans immediately noticed that Jin’s suit is oversized, hanging passed his shoulder and completely covering his hand. Jimin’s shoes are also too big for him.

Other details can be seen such as Suga’s pants scrunching up at the bottom due to being too long, and V’s shoes being noticeably too big for him. Many feel that the stylists should have paid more attention as it is a globally recognized magazine.

3. Ryujin (ITZY)

ITZY’s stylists were criticized for putting Ryujin in dangerously oversized shoes.

Her unsteady footing in the ill-fitting boots causes her to slip and slide around the stage while performing.

She even shows the difficulty of standing in the shoes during ITZY’s interview where she is off-balance.

Fans noticed this is not the first time Ryujin has been put in the wrong size shoe.

The obvious gap between her leg and the ankle of the shoe show the empty space — which can cause her to lose her footing.

4. Momo (TWICE)

TWICE’s stylists received severe backlash for dressing Momo in only lingerie at the red carpet at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards.

Many believed Momo was dressed inappropriately for both the event and the cold winter weather and demanded the stylists be fired.

Momo also showed discomfort walking up stairs in the short VERSACE dress.

"I feel disgusted thinking of all the guys who’ll sexually harass her from looking at her photos."

— Netizen

5. Gowon (LOONA)

LOONA’s stylists originally took heat for dressing Gowon in what appeared to be a knock-off dress.

Fans of the Japanese Lolita fashion subculture believed it was an imitation of the “Saint Claire” dress from the popular Japanese designer Mary Magdalene.

Later, the same thing happened to Gowon again.

Fans believed her mint dress was a cheaper replication of Mary Magdalene brand’s “Charlotte” coat dress.

The fact that it happened twice to the same member is what really frustrated netizens.

"If the stylist made Gowon wear that particular brand’s knock-offs twice, I highly doubt the stylist didn’t know about what was happening."

— Netizen


ITZY’s stylists were criticized for making them look “tacky.”

Many people were not fond of neon colors and vibrant patterns.

Similarly, the stylists were caught reusing outfits that had been previously worn by idols from the same company.

Momo wore this one-shouldered shirt before Ryujin, causing fans to think the stylists were getting lazy.

7. Song Ji Hyo

Fans of Running Man began criticizing Song Ji Hyo’s styling after her she gained attention for her sloppy outfits.

Her outfits were mismatching and didn’t highlight her beauty at all.

Netizens noted the baggy and strange outfits gave her a sloppy appearance.

Her hair was often unkempt, as well.

8. Eugene (Formerly of S.E.S.)

Netizens were astonished how stylists covered Actress Eugene‘s beauty with questionable styling tactics.

Stylists were criticized for the unflattering hairstyle that showed her entire forehead…

…as well as her uneven eye makeup, excessive mascara, and shade of lipstick.

Her outfit was also disapproved by netizens.

Usually, Eugene’s visuals are undeniable, as depicted below. Netizens questioned how poor styling choices can change someone’s beauty so much.