8 K-Pop Songs That Are Perfect For A Long Walk In Autumn

8 K-Pop Songs That Are Perfect For A Long Walk In Autumn

Fall may have taken its sweet time to greet us this year, but it’s better late than never!

The beauty of this season lies within its calmness as nature sheds its pumpkin-colored leaves. Now with this scenery, taking a long walk down a forest path, enjoying the park, or going hiking are just a few perfect ways to savor this season. And better yet, nothing sets the mood like a finely curated playlist to keep you company as you enjoy fall in all its aspects.

This being said, here are eight K-pop songs that are perfect for long walks in fall.

1. Stray Kids – “Hoodie Season”

If you want to kick off your walk with an upbeat song, Stray Kids’ “Hoodie Season” is your pick. The lyrics encapsulate what makes fall the perfect hoodie season to keep warm and enjoy the weather while snuggling in a warm hooded top.

2. Crush – “Fall”

Anything Crush releases is swoon-worthy, and this season-titled track is no different. Its mellow, relaxing beats and piano make it easy to plug your earphones in and let yourself immerse in the depth of the lyrics about missing a love interest.

3. 10cm – “October Weather”

Classics always make a return, and “October Weather” is no exception. It may be a month late, but if the lyrics fit, the song sits! This one goes for all those reflective walks where one tries to flee their thoughts and draw good energy from the outside world.

4. ONEUS – “Red Thread”

While everything falls this season, some things are destined to rise. Such are promises, hope, love, and the list goes on. ONEUS touches on the matter in this serenading ballad, crowned with a beautiful choreography that can haunt your thoughts while you’re taking a stroll.

5. Younha – “Event Horizon”

The queen of ballads is not to be left out. Younha beautifully recalls the exciting beginnings of a love story all the way to a fated painful breakup in this song. If you’re thinking of turning that little hike into a jog, this one would be quite the boost during your workout.

6. Lee Hi – “Holo”

Sometimes, walks are more than just leisure, it’s therapy. Some walk to reflect, others walk to forget; either way, they walk to heal. Lee Hi sheds light on the importance of prioritizing oneself, practicing self-care, and especially embracing oneself above all else in this comforting song.

7. BTS’s RM – “Bicycle”

Leave it to the master of long walks and nature shots to keep you company during your own version of autumn joy. In this feel-good track, RM is basically inviting you to float freely and embrace your surroundings as if you’re the only one on Earth.

8. Jannabi – “A Thought on an Autumn Night”

Who doesn’t get lost in their thoughts until they go back in time and reminisce during a stroll? Jannabi has served us the perfect, nostalgic background music to do just that. The sweet lyrics highlight the importance of cherishing memories from the past.

Source: Soompi