7 K-Pop Things That Fans Think Are Fake But They're Actually Real

7 K-Pop Things That Fans Think Are Fake But They're Actually Real

One-day training before debut? Is it even possible?

When it comes to K-Pop, so much goes on in the industry that things are bound to happen that shock you or don’t sound real. Recently, fans on Reddit discussed some true facts about K-Pop and idols that they sometimes have a hard time believing are true! Check out these 7 interesting facts below to see if you’ve heard of any of them before now.

1. ENHYPEN Sunghoon was famous before debut

Sunghoon and the rest of the members of ENHYPEN may have only just recently debuted, but he was pretty well-known before then! In fact, he was so well-known for his figure skating career that he had fansites by the age of 13. Incredibly, he was able to continue with his skating career, go to regular high school, and train at BigHit Entertainment all at the same time… And, somehow, without rumors getting out about him being a trainee!

2. BTS has yet to win Song of the Year at Gaon

BTS has won countless awards and surpassed so many previous records in the K-Pop and music world as a whole, so fans may be shocked to learn that they’ve never actually won Song of the Year at Gaon! They’ve come close a couple of times, but since the award is based on cumulative digital points in the first 30 days after the song is released, each year they’ve just missed the win. However, this year could very well change that fact!

3. APRIL Chaekyung and KARD Somin used to be in the same K-Pop group

Before they were in the groups that they’re in now, both of these girls were in a K-Pop group called Puretty! In that group, each of the five members had a character based on them as well, which were part of an anime called Pretty Rhythm, which was about ice skating J-Pop idols.

4. Only one SM Entertainment song has ever had a Perfect All Kill

The only SM Entertainment song to ever get a Perfect All Kill (placing first in every category, including weekly charts) to this day is Red Velvet’s “Power Up”. This isn’t due to not deserving it, however. The main reason is that SM Entertainment had issues with Cyworld between 2011 to 2015, and therefore their music wasn’t uploaded onto the platform. Because of this, it was impossible for any artist to win a Perfect All Kill. Hopefully, it will become more common in the future now that that’s over, though!

5. BLACKPINK Rosé lived in New Zealand longer than in Australia

Most people know that Rosé spent a lot of her childhood in Australia, but interestingly, she technically lived in New Zealand for a longer amount of time! The BLACKPINK singer was born in Auckland, New Zealand, where she lived until she was 8 years old. She moved to Australia at that age and stayed there until she was 15, when she moved to South Korea to start her training with YG Entertainment. So she actually lived in New Zealand for a year longer!

6. LOONA’s Olivia Hye was only a trainee with Blockberry Creative for 1 day before debuting

Most K-Pop idols train for years under their company before debuting, but that wasn’t the case for Olivia Hye! This talented idol was a trainee with Blockberry Creative for just one day before she debuted with LOONA. This is a little bit misleading to say, because she did train at FNC Academy prior to joining Blockberry Creative, but it’s still really impressive that she was only officially a trainee for that short of a period of time!

7. NCT’s Jisung and Chenle met years before either of them joined SM Entertainment

These two are known to be great friends now, and it seems like it might have been fate for them to meet! The two idols actually met by chance at a show in 2013, before either of them joined SM Entertainment. Jisung was announced to be in SMROOKIES in December of that year, while Chenle was added in later in 2016 to join NCT Dream. Despite cultural and language differences, these two seemed to really hit it off, which is awesome to see!