6 times Suga (BTS) collaborates with female artist

6 times Suga (BTS) collaborates with female artist

In addition to being a rapper of BTS, SUGA is also one music producer. In the process of developing himself in the fiel...

In addition to being a rapper of BTS, SUGA is also one music producer. In the process of developing himself in the field of production, the male idol has the opportunity to collaborate with many popular female artists.


1. "So far away" (2016) - Suran

Suran "So far away" is the last track in SUGA's first solo mixtape. Right from the first days of release, the song received a lot of love thanks to Suran's particularly sweet voice, along with the positive message that SUGA sent, that "the end of hard training is flowers bloom ten thousand miles ".



2. "WINE" (2017) - Suran

This is SUGA's second collaboration product with Suran, with the addition of rapper Changmo. As the name implies, the enchanting music of "WINE" makes listeners fall in love with it. The song has an impressive digital record, repeatedly touching the roof of Melon, winning the Soul / R & B Song of the Year at two major awards ceremonies, MMA and GDA.



3. "Song request" (2019) - Lee Sora

Lee Sora is a veteran singer of Korean music industry and this "Song request" is a song produced by two generations of talented artists Tablo, SUGA. Mixing the colors of hiphop in the early 2000s, the warmth of the female voice and the confidences of SUGA turned "Song request" as belonging to those who love listening to the radio, immersing themselves in music in an afternoon rain on the late bus.



4. "We don't talk together" (2019) -Heize

One of Korea's "digital monsters", Heize and Giriboy collaborated with SUGA in the singles released in the summer of 2019. With a catchy melody, this unique song from the listening to this part helped Heize strengthen trying digital strengths while winning the Soul / R&B song of the year at MMA 2019 (with an impressive live performance stage).



5. "SUGA's Interlude" (2019) -Halsey

Halsey is the rising star of American pop music, she is one of BTS's close international friends. Serving as a silent ballad in the middle of the album, the artist's feeble facets have been clearly portrayed in two of the most "rustic" voices, where Halsey became Ashley, and SUGA is just Yoongi, hoping can make the listener sympathetic to the desire to dream like many people.



6. "eight" (2020) - IU

IU's digital single "eight" featuring SUGA in the roles of producer and rapper has just been released at 4 pm (May 6, 2020). As the leading names, it is not strange that this product of the duo has received much love and quickly bombarded the charts right from the release. Gentle melody, fresh feeling, "eight" is commented that the song will be in the playlist when driving your car, or when you want to find the sea breeze watching the sunset.