The music video for ‘Not Today’ has surpassed 400 million views on YouTube, becoming the 10th MV from BTS to reach this milestone.

‘Not Today’, a song from BTS’ ‘WINGS: You Never Walk Alone’, garnered more than 400 million views on YouTube around 9:04 PM KST on May 9.

As a result, BTS now has their 10th song to reach 400 million views, after ‘Save Me’, a song from their special album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever’, released in May 2016, making BTS the Korean artist with 9 music videos to surpassed 400 million views on YouTube.


BTS’ ‘Not Today’ is a song with powerful and energetic sounds. The music video left a deep impression by the seven members’ disciplined and powerful choreography and performances with dozens of dancers.

In particular, the other music videos from BTS that have surpassed the milestone are: DNA (974 million views), Boy With Luv (772 million views), FAKE LOVE (692 million views), Fire (649 million views), MIC Drop (657 million views), IDOL (657 million views), Blood Sweat & Tears, (572 million views), Dope (563 million views), Save Me (489 million views).