Top 10 Korean Celebrities With Most Influence in 2020 By CJ ENM

Top 10 Korean Celebrities With Most Influence in 2020 By CJ ENM

CJ ENM has announced their "2020 Visionary" list - a list of the most influential characters in the Korean entertainment industry in 2020 because of their vision and growth.

CJ ENM is a famous media and entertainment company in Korea that belongs to CJ Group. Throughout the years, CJ ENM has left their 'footprint' in countless aspects of Korean pop culture, including broadcast, movies, music, and performance. Recently, the company decided for the first time to create a list of '2020 Visionary' - a selection list of people with a great deal of vision and influence on the Korean entertainment industry in 2020.

According to CJ ENM, the names on the '2020 Visionary' list are recommended, carefully selected from experts in cultural studies and entertainment industry predators. They also rely on the huge data the company collected in the past year. All of the people on this list took the lead in promoting Korean culture to the world in 2020, as the company said, and they will continue to be a future trend with vision and influence.

Below is the official list of 10 names that are chosen by CJ ENM.

Bong Joon Ho

Film director and screenwriter Bong Joon Ho - who won Oscar "Best Director" award for 'Parasite'.

Yoo Jae Suk

The nation's MC - who is loved by every Korean because of his talents, kindness and gold personalities.

Song Kang Ho

The amazing actor who has made a memorable impression with his act in "Parasite".

Park Ji Eun

The writer of many popular films, including the successful "Crash Landing On You".

Kim Eun Hee

The writer of "Signal" and "Kingdom" - two phenomenal dramas of Korean.

PD Shin Won Ho

Director and producer of famous series "Replay", "Hospital Playlist", "Prison Playbook".

PD Kim Tae Ho

Director and producer of "Infinite Challenge".




CJ ENM said that although the epidemic had a strong impact on all aspects of the economy, culture and life of Korea, the entertainment industry in Korea was not 'sagged' too much. The 10 names mentioned above are the typical characters that have helped Korea do that. They are not simply "hot on the news" people but also have unique and pioneering steps.

As planned, CJ ENM will have videos promoting the achievements and details of 10 typical characters on this list on its Youtube channel. In addition, during the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 (MAMA 2020) which will take place on December 6, the host of the ceremony, actor Song Joong Ki, will also introduce the list of 'Visionary 2020' in one special section.

As mentioned, the only 2 Kpop groups on this list of CJ ENM are BTS and BLACKPINK, and they will be honored in a separate section at the upcoming MAMA 2020 awards ceremony. This means that even when BLACKPINK is absent and the probability of receiving important awards is not high, the 4 girls will still be told about the group's achievements, vision and pioneering in 2020.

Congratulations, two K-Pop representatives BTS and BLACKPINK.