5 Korean Actors Who Got Criticized For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

5 Korean Actors Who Got Criticized For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

Number 5 is just heartbreaking.

Korean celebrities seemingly get criticized by netizens for some ridiculous reasons, as there have been plenty of K-Pop idols who’ve gotten criticized for strange reasons. The same can be said for Korean actors. Here’s a list of a few Korean actors who criticized for some of the most ridiculous reasons.

1. Han So Hee

Han So Hee has gotten criticized by some netizens for some past photos showing her tattoos, and for smoking.

| Instiz

| Instiz

It even got to the point where Han So Hee’s friend came out and criticized South Korea’s society for their sexist views on tattoos and smoking.

Tattoos and smoking, it’s only an issue when women do it.

Honestly, it’s just sexist and discrimination to think that [smoking and tattoos] can be okay for male actors, but there is an issue when a female actress does it.

Nowadays, there are many people with tattoos, so the people who like tattoos are supporters. But wouldn’t people who dislike tattoos also show their displeasure? I can’t say that mindset is right or wrong because everyone has different ideas.

Those pictures with tattoos and cigarettes were taken by Han So Hee when she was a model. Because of her appearance in the drama, interest in her has naturally increased.

— Han So Hee’s friend

2. Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won’s visuals are something that he’s been praised for throughout his whole career. However, he once got criticized by some netizens during a press conference for his film Peninsula. Netizens criticized him for his “middle-aged” fashion, and for his face not looking as handsome as before.

Kang Dong Won heard about this and decided to answer respectfully.

My face was bloated that day, and my condition wasn’t great either. Now that I’m older, I have my good days and my bad days.

– Kang Dong Won

3. Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk once got criticized by some netizens and media outlets when it appeared that he had gained some weight. Some netizens criticized him for not managing his weight, and for his “changed appearance”.

4. Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin once uploaded a photo alongside Kang Ha Neul, with a caption that read, “Yum. Thanks, Ye Won.

| @rovvxhyo/Instagram

However, she seemingly got criticized by a netizen for taking a photo alongside Kang Ha Neul.

“Sweet Ha Neul and ugly Hyo Jin.”

— Malcious commenter

| @rovvxhyo/Instagram

Gong Hyo Jin decided to respond to the hate comment with a simple message.

— Gong Hyo Jin

5. Lee Ro Eun

Lee Ro Eun played the role of a 2-year-old in The World of the Married.

However, some netizens criticized her and left malicious comments when they felt that she was too big for the role. It even got to the point where Lee Ro Eun’s family had to ask netizens to leave her alone.

What did a little kid do to deserve this? She filmed it without knowing anything. Please delete your harsh comments. I hope you cheer her on so that she can finish filming her part in the drama.

– Lee Ro Eun’s family

Source: Koreaboo