5 Hidden EXO Talents That Will Amazes You

5 Hidden EXO Talents That Will Amazes You

EXO members have talents that make them unique artists, know their special abilities.

Get to know the little-known skills of the idols of the K-pop group EXO, they show you that they are not only boys with talents for music, but also for sports and other activities.

EXO is one of the most important male groups in the world of South Korean entertainment, each of the members has traits that define their personality and that give them their own charms.


The temperaments of the boy group's singers and rappers are capable of captivating the hearts of international audiences. Some EXO artists have a shy temperament and others have a more outgoing demeanor.

Here are 5 hidden talents that SM Entertainment agency stars have. These are some hidden talents of Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Chen, Suho, and Chanyeol, the qualities of the performers of 'TEMPO' will amaze you.



The EXO member has the ability to bowling and is victorious in each match, Park Chanyeol can knock down all the pine trees in one fell swoop.



Suho's great ability is telling jokes and brightening the atmosphere when he is with his EXO colleagues, not an easy skill considering that each of the idols has different temperaments.



Chen's voice is one of his greatest talents, so much so that he can perform extraordinary notes with all very low or very high, depending on the style.



Another of Baekhyun's skills is sports, one of the disciplines he masters is Taekwondo, a traditional martial art from South Korea.



Do Kyungsoo can make an amazing beatbox and match it with his stage name while making sounds with his mouth says several times D.O.