5 B-side Songs From K-Pop Girl Groups With The Most Likes On Melon in 2020

5 B-side Songs From K-Pop Girl Groups With The Most Likes On Melon in 2020

These are b-side songs of K-Pop girl groups released in 2020 which have received the most love from South Korean music...

These are b-side songs of K-Pop girl groups released in 2020 which have received the most love from South Korean music lovers.

Compared to having successful title tracks, having b-side songs loved by the public is an even more respectable achievement. The reason is that the b-side songs are often not promoted, and most of the time only 'big fans' of the group will listen to them.


Just like every other year, in 2020, K-Pop girl groups released a lot of b-side songs that won the hearts of the public. Here are 5 most liked b-side songs on Melon - one of the most popular music sites in South Korea.

Note: The result is as of October 21, 2020 and only include female groups' b-side songs released in 2020.

No.5: IZ*ONE - 'AYAYAYA' (28,387 likes)



This is a song featuring members Eunbi, Sakura, Hyewon, Chaeyeon, Chaewon, Minju, Nako, Yuri, and Yujin. The song has a catchy but pleasant melody. The whistling sounds mixed with percussion, the rapidly increasing tempo, and the fresh and attractive lyrics are what makes listeners love 'Ayayaya' very much.

No.4: IZ*ONE - 'Someday' (29,622 likes)

Album: BLOOM * IZ


'Someday' is also a song from another IZ*ONE unit consisting of 3 members, Yena, Chaewon and Yuri. This is a soft and sweet ballad on the soft piano and violin sounds. The lyrics are about hope, about the courage to step out of the darkness and fear. The 3 members' voices also received a lot of praise from netizens for bringing a healing vibe to the listeners.

No.3: BLACKPINK - 'Pretty Savage' (30,042 likes)



This is the only one of BLACKPINK's b-side songs being performed during their comeback promotions, together with the title track 'Lovesick Girls'. The song catches the ears by its explosive drop and the simple yet addictive rap on the trap beat background, which is both minimalistic and emotional. In addition, with the strong and ironic lyrics, BLACKPINK's way of calling out anti-fans also caught Knet's attention. This song was also selected by Billboard's music critics as the best song in 'THE ALBUM'.

No.2: BLACKPINK (ft.Cardi B) - 'Bet You Wanna' (34,486 likes)



Right after the track list of 'THE ALBUM' was announced, the song that was most anticipated by the public was 'Bet You Wanna'. The reason is that this song is a collaboration song of BLACKPINK and the world famous female rapper Cardi B - who was dominating the Billboard Hot 100 at that time. It is a song with catchy lyrics and chorus, easy to listen to, easy to remember. Although there are opinions that this song is not as good as expected, 'Bet You Wanna' is till very loved by Knet.

No.1: OH MY GIRL - 'Dolphin' (151,164 likes)

Album: Nonstop


Although 2020 has not ended, Knet firmly believes that 'Dolphin' is the best b-side song of the year by a K-Pop girl group. And the surprising thing is that it was even more popular than the title track 'Nonstop'. Initially, this song was only noticed by a few netizens, but after IU introduced this song on her official Instagram, the Korean public began to listen to and praise this song as "too addictive, too cute".


'Dolphin' once occupied No.5 among the most popular songs on YouTube Music in South Korea. It even entered the Top 10 on the charts of Melon, Bugs and Genie, and was the first b-side song of a girl group to appear in the Top 10 of FLO, a very difficult thing to do. Moreover, the performance of 'Dolphin' by 'Music Bank' MC duo Arin (Oh My Girl) and Soobin (TXT) was hot enough to record more than 15 million views in just 3 months.