5 Actresses Whose Profile Pictures Became Hot Topics Thanks To Their Stunning Visuals

5 Actresses Whose Profile Pictures Became Hot Topics Thanks To Their Stunning Visuals

#3 is also a popular model.

Actors and actresses in Korea often have profile pictures that their companies release on their websites. These can be used for numerous purposes, such as showing that they’re officially part of their roster of artists and aiding future articles in having good photos of them.

Some actresses became hot topics online thanks to their gorgeous profile pictures. Check them out below!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

First up, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo made fans go wild when her photos were released in early July. It was a sign that she was taking decisive strides forward in her acting career.

YG Entertainment‘s acting division, YG Stage, released the photos ahead of her lead role debut in Snowdrop.

She’s a visual whose beauty is uncontested.

2. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoojung is another popular celebrity who made a buzz online when her official photos were released. Her fans watched her grow up from a cute 5-year old model to a gorgeous young adult.

Even in a plain white shirt, she can outshine anyone! Her pure visuals and long career has led to her being called the “Nation’s Younger Sister.”

At the same time, she recently proved that she’s all grown up and ready to do a variety of concepts. Her profile pictures included a set of monochrome still shots that showed off her mature beauty.

She’s prepared to take on the K-Drama world as an adult!

3. Go Yoon Jung

Go Yoon Jung is an actress and model who is best known for her roles in the K-Dramas Sweet Home, Law School, and He Is Psychometric.

Netizens could not stop talking about her when her profile photos were released. Her symmetrical face and delicate features were emphasized in the simple style of the shots.

It’s no wonder she’s called an emerging “face genius” whose visuals alone are enough to gain her a legion of new fans each day.

4. Suzy

Singer-turned-actress Bae Suzy was formerly a member of JYP Entertainment‘s girl group miss A. She’s now a successful actress who has starred in shows like Dream High, Uncontrollably Fond, and Start-Up.

She has always received compliments on her pretty looks, securing numerous commercial endorsement early on thanks to her popularity in Korea.

She has a girl-next-door image that we all can’t help but love!

5. BONUS: Kang Hyewon

Former IZ*ONE member Kang Hyewon recently became a hot topic when her company released new profile pictures of her. Though she’s technically a singer, fans expect her to eventually venture into acting.

Netizens commented that she has the “aura of an actress” with her simple beauty in the photos.

Ever since she participated in Produce 48, she was known for her innocent and mysterious visuals.

In several photos, she donned dark clothing and makeup for a more mature look.

One thing’s for sure: these actresses are all gorgeous! Check out more celebrities who are famous for their beauty below.