20+ Most Relatable Reactions To BLACKPINK’s New “PINK VENOM” Title Posters

20+ Most Relatable Reactions To BLACKPINK’s New “PINK VENOM” Title Posters

We can all agree with #12!

BLACKPINK is finally returning to the music scene! They released their teaser images for PINK VENOM, a pre-release single, on August 10 and 11. It was their first time to do so since their LOVESICK GIRLS era in 2020.

BLINKs understandably became even more excited after each teaser was uploaded.

Check out some of their most relatable reactions below!

1. First up, when Jennie made us stop and stare

2. When Lisa was bangless and serving top visuals

3. When her bangs were THE topic of conversation

4. When Rosé stunned us all

5. When Jisoo’s bad girl look was everything

6. When every detail about her was praise-worthy

7. When Jennie was pretty savage

8. And when Lisa had a similar cool look

9. When Rosé was a goddess at teasers

10. And when her eyes were deeply mesmerizing

11. When Lisa was so hot, we felt sick

12. And when her visuals were outstanding both times

13. When Jisoo was consistently gorgeous

14. When Rosé collected even more fans

15. When Jennie’s eye makeup fit her so well

16. When Jisoo gave us Yor vibes

17. When Lisa ended us all

18. When we should’ve braced ourselves even more

19. When Jennie was versatile AF

20. When Jisoo always left us impressed

21. When Rosé made us bow down

22. And when she knew her strengths

23. When we could only focus on BLACKPINK

24. Finally, when they made us even more excited for their next release

PINK VENOM will be released on August 19.

Source: Koreaboo