12 Underrated K-Pop Songs From 2021 That Deserve More Hype

12 Underrated K-Pop Songs From 2021 That Deserve More Hype

2021 may be over, but it didn’t leave us empty-handed, music-wise.

A surge of K-pop songs sees the light of day on a regular basis, and some actual bops may go undetected. Luckily for you, we did the homework. Following our list of underrated songs from the first half of the year, we’re introducing a list of jams, embodying various genres, from the second half of 2021 that deserve more hype. Connect your headphones and enjoy!

12 Underrated Songs From The Second Half Of 2021 That Deserve More Hype

1. VIXX’s Leo – “I’m Still Here”

If you’re looking for a song that touches your soul, look no further. Leo pours his heart out in this heart-wrenching ballad about a long-lost love. His velvety vocals are so soothing that you forget for a second that he’s singing about heartbreak. This marks Leo’s first release since his military discharge.

2. B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk – “Race”

This racy track by Yong Guk is a lost gem. The rapper shows charisma and savagery as he publicly flaunts his eagerness through his rhymes to always thrive in his path to success. He states that no matter how hard life gets along the way, he sees it as a race, and he is planning to get to the finish line.

3. Rocking doll – “Rocking Doll”

Rocking doll is another rookie group that saw the light of day in 2021. Their debut with this self-titled track shows ambition, as their concept encapsulates dominance, rebellion, and a plethora of girl power. Give them a listen, and you could be their next new fan!

4. LUMINOUS – “Home alone”

This comfort song should absolutely not go unnoticed. LUMINOUS is relatable through every sung line as they address loneliness, sadness, and emptiness. The chorus sums up nicely all the heavy emotions that a person feels when they’re trapped inside their head.


TRI.BE is yet another rookie group hopping on the motivation train. The girl group sings about aspirations, determination, and finding a path even if it means going to outer space. So, would you join the tribe and run the extra mile to get where you want to be?

6. PIXY – “Bewitched”

Just like the title of their second mini album, PIXY’s “Bewitched” is all about “temptation.” The group’s concept is dark and enchanting, which is a rather rare theme in K-pop. The mystical ladies take it up a notch with this English version of the soul-stirring song.

7. BIBI – “The Weekend”

If you’re not familiar with BIBI, now is the time to change that. The soloist’s overall daring style is captivating, and her focus in this track is mainly on what seems to be a fling that only comes to life on weekends. The song is a perfect consolation for people who are stuck in one-sided crushes.

8. KINGDOM – “Black Crown”

If you can’t get enough of fantastic and fairy tale-based themes, KINGDOM should be on your list. The group’s royal concept is embedded everywhere, from their name and ethereal cinematography all the way to their haunting music, like their rousing 2021 release “Black Crown.”

9. Dreamcatcher – “BEcause”

Keeping with fantasia alongside a dash of spook, Dreamcatcher enters the chat. The group is loyal to their rock-themed music, which never disappoints. In this mystical track paired with an equally sinister clip, they sing of all the things one does in the name of love.

10. CIX – “WAVE”

CIX’s dreamy sound definitely deserves more recognition. This feel-good summer jam is your go-to background music on the beach or during a summer road trip, as you contemplate the upcoming school year or resume work after a vacation. Take notes for the next sunny season!

11. Hi-L – “Too Too (22)”

Hi-L is bringing the cute concept back, and they are nailing it. From their serenading vocals to their flamboyant energy, these ladies are slowly but surely securing a name for themselves with their own take on this familiar concept.

12. Giant Pink – “PINK”

If you’re looking for a hip hop banger, then Giant Pink has served with her latest single. Through “PINK,” the rapper reminds everyone of who she is, what she stands for, and her worth. Her mind-blowing flow is enough to play this one on repeat!

Which 2021 K-pop song do you think is underrated?

Source: Soompi