The Most Iconic Characters In K-Dramas Released During 2022

The Most Iconic Characters In K-Dramas Released During 2022

Korean drama fanatics -- it's time to decide who your favorite character in Korean dramas was this year! 

Without a doubt, the K-drama industry has been booming, and there were some amazing (or crazy) characters that we saw so far in 2022. Whether it may be the protagonist or antagonist, some of these characters were the reason for the drama's success, and we even wonder how the writers even thought of these characters!

Today, we'll be taking a look at some of the most iconic characters in K-dramas this first half of the year. So without further ado, let's take a look, and make sure to let us know in the comments below who YOUR favorite character was!

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One - Na Hee Do

Everyone loved Heedo from "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One," and life could not be complete without her. Hee-do brought viewers joy and tears, and her sentiment is still felt to this day!

All of us are Dead - Choi Nam Ra

Namra was an absolutely needed character in this drama, and the class president became desperate, but we're excited to see what she will bring to the living room screens in season 2!

Juvenile Justice - Shim Eun Seok

Judge Shim's character in "Juvenile Justice" is cold yet charismatic, and though she is ruthless at times, she makes sure justice is served, and no one will disagree that she is the perfect girl-crush character.

Business Proposal - Shin Ha Ri

The cutest character in the first half of 2022 was definitely Shin Ha Ri, as many male viewers were sending heart-shaped eyes at her aegyo!

My Liberation Notes - Mr. Gu

Once you were sucked into his charm, you couldn't escape. Everyone was so deeply into his character, and we all fell into reverence with Mr. Gu!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo - Woo Young Woo

Woo to the Young to the Woo! This probably has to be the cutest lawyer character ever in a drama!

Our Blues - Lee Young Ok

Young Ok's character was interesting as she was such a bright person with a sad story. It was definitely insightful, and we want to see more of her!

Why Oh Soo Jae? - Oh Soo Jae

You thought Oh Soo Jae was strong? Not only was she a girl crush, but her charisma made viewers more attracted to her!

Anna - Lee Anna

Yoomi wore the mask of "Anna" in this drama, and her bright yet dark self garnered hot attention from viewers!What are your thoughts on this list? Did you watch any of the dramas above? We're already excited about Korean dramas in 2023! When someone tells you there are no dramas to watch, that is an absolute lie because K-dramas have been dominating not only Korean television but also on streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Disney+!

Source: Allkpop