Top 5 Popular Korean Male Actors Who Look Awesome with Long Hair

Top 5 Popular Korean Male Actors Who Look Awesome with Long Hair

Cutting hair may be one of the skills people have learned in the past year because of the lockdown.

However, most people may decide to let their hair grow longer. In 2021, along with the relaxation of lockdown policies in several countries, some salons or barbershops have opened. However, if you are hesitant to cut your hair now, you can imitate some of the following top hottest Korean male actors who popular with long hair. Who are they? Let’s check it out!

Top 5 Popular Korean Male Actors Who Look Awesome With Long Hair

1. Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin, South Korean model and actor, made a comeback in December 2019 with shockingly long hair after hiatus due to health issues since 2017. According to his previous agency SidusHQ representative, they did the photoshoot to greet his fans who could not greet him during his hiatus. Kim Woo Bin’s long hair gives him a fresh and stunning look.

2. Ryu Jun Yeol

One of the popular Korean male actors with their long hair is Ryu Jun Yeol. He decided to grow his hair due to a project that he made with Kim Woo Bin in 2020 titled Alien People (working title). Back in 2017, he had a long wig for his role as a university student in a movie based on an actual event, A Taxi Driver. Ryu looks daring and shows masculinity with his long hair.

3. Kim Jae Wook

If you’re a K-drama lover, you must have watched Coffee Prince. In the K-drama, actor Kim Jae Wook took part as Noh Sun Ki, a cool young man who cooks waffles in the cafe and can speak Japanese and Korean fluently.

Although it’s already 14 years past, many fans still captivated with the support role who steal many hearts with the cool outside but a softie on the inside guy, waffle chef Noh Sun Ki. Kim Jae Wook is still looking hot with his long hair until now.

4. Lee Dong Wook

The hottest grim reaper in “Goblin,” Lee Dang Wook, had long hair back in 2019. Lee Dong Wook is one of the Korean male actors who looks more attractive with long hair. As he played many fantasy K-dramas in the past, many of his fans dubbed him the King of Fantasy Drama. Hopefully, he will have a project for another fantasy drama that let his long hair grow longer in the future.

5. Park Bo Gum

The “Record of Youth,” Park Bo Gum let his hair longer back in 2018 to early 2019. He released his single “Let’s go see the stars” and joined a drama series titled “Encounter” with actress Song Hye Kyo at that time. Park Bo Gum with long hair really hits different as he looks like he has a different personality and free soul. But, no matter what Park Bogum’s hairstyle, short hair or long hair, he is always handsome and attractive.