Park Ji Hoon Impresses Viewers With His Performance In 'Weak Hero Class 1'

Park Ji Hoon Impresses Viewers With His Performance In 'Weak Hero Class 1'

Park Ji Hoon impressed viewers with his acting in 'Weak Hero Class 1.'

On November 18th, Wavve revealed its original drama series 'Weak Hero Class 1.' Comprised of 8 episodes, the drama tells the story of high school student Yeon Si Eun fighting school violence using his brain, despite being physically weak, hence the name "weak hero".

Park Ji Hoon plays the role of the lead, Yeon Si Eun. Shortly after the release of the series, many viewers shared their thoughts about his acting performance online. Some of the comments include:

"I just watched the series and I was bawling my eyes out from episode 7."

"I'm surprised that he is a really good actor."

"His performance was superb. I couldn't stop streaming the whole thing once I saw the first episode."

"This is my first time watching his drama and he did really well."

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"I think he is one of the few idol turned actors that do really well."

"I didn't expect myself to cry so hard over some high school friendships lol"

"I used to think he wasn't bad but this drama changed my thought to he is actually really good."

Check out clips of Park Ji Hoon's performance in the drama series below. What do you think?

Source: Allkpop