Lee Dong Wook And Kim Bum Heralded Frosty Tension Through Upcoming Drama's Poster

Lee Dong Wook And Kim Bum Heralded Frosty Tension Through Upcoming Drama's Poster

 Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum heralded a frosty tension through a brother poster that exudes the energy of extreme confrontation in the upcoming 'Tale Of The Nine Tailed'.

TVN's new Wednesday-Thursday series 'Tale Of The Nine Tailed' which will premiere on October 7, is a fantasy action romance drama between Gumiho, who settled in the city, and the producer chasing him. Through the fresh setting that the characters in traditional fairy tales coexist in the same way as us as they are in 2020, it is expected to showcase unique visuals and sequences that have not been seen before.


Above all, Lee Dong Wook plays the role of Gumiho Lee Yeon, a judge who once was a mountain god of Baekdudaegan but now settles down in the center of the city and kills monsters that disturb the world, and shoots women with his beauty and charisma. Through the role of Lee Yeon's half-brother and the most dangerous existing Gumiho Lee Rang, who was born between humans and Gumiho, Kim Bum expresses his cruel and pathetic feelings in three dimensions that are united by the brother complex.


In a related development, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum released posters of brothers Lee Yeon and Lee Rang, who transformed themselves into Gumiho brothers and set their sights on each other. In the middle of the city in 2020, surrounded by skyscrapers, Lee Yeon and Lee Rang, who completed a similar look with an all-black suit, are staring at each other with fierce eyes. Moreover, Lee Yeon shows strong feelings toward each other by pushing the knife, and Lee Rang's fingernails at the same time.

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In particular, Lee Yeon, a cool-looking man with a sword in her hand, and Lee Rang, who showed her sharp fingernails with the eyes of a curse, are waging a battle of pride, foreshadowing the birth of a flying bromance. "I'm going to hell. Just with you!". The fate of the nine-tailed fox brothers who are fiercely confronting each other people are paying attention to what will happen to the fate of the nine-tailed fox brothers.


Unlike the conflicting images of Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum, who gathered together for the poster, they gave warmth with their brother-in-law chemistry. When asked to take a little more action on the pose, the two showed more close-up moves on the spot, and even though there was no exchange of opinions, they gave off a breath that worked well at once, drawing admiration.

The production team said, "The brother poster emphasized the tension-filled atmosphere between Lee Yeon and Lee Rang, the Gumiho brothers of low-world Force," and added, "Please look forward to the strong confrontation and hidden tragic story between Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum."