Lee Da Hee And Kim Rae Won Confirmed To Join New Dram of tvN

Lee Da Hee And Kim Rae Won Confirmed To Join New Dram of tvN

Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee are confirmed to be starring together in a new drama! Cable networ...

Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee are confirmed to be starring together in a new drama!


Cable network tvN is gearing up to start production on their newest drama “LUCA” (tentative title), which tells a tale based on Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” about a person who was born into the mysterious world of genetics and thrust alone into society. With a seasoned production team and now two stars studding its cast, viewers are excited to see what “LUCA” will bring to the genre and what new horizons lay in store.

Directed by Kim Hong Sun, the creative mind behind “Voice” and “The Guest,” and written by Chun Sung Il, the writer behind such films as “The Pirates” and “My Girlfriend is an Agent,” drama fans can expect a high quality story and production.

“LUCA” marks Kim Rae Won’s first drama in two years. Kim Rae Won is cast as Ji Oh, a taciturn man who is thrust into the world without a single clue of who he is and who has a different “strength” and “secret” compared to ordinary people. After endless confliects with those who are searching for themselves, Ji Oh must work to find answers to the numerous questions surrounding his own existence.

Kim Rae Won expressed his eagerness in getting to participate on the drama, saying, “I’m excited because it’s been a while since I’ve filmed anything. The synopsis is incredibly interesting, and getting to work with such a renowned director and writer [is exciting]. The writer’s creative writing combined with the director’s delicate touch, I think, will make for a really wonderful work, and I’m eager to see where it’s going to go. I hope viewers are as excited as I am about this drama.”

Lee Da Hee, with her unrivaled charm, transforms into the dedicated detective Gu Reum, who is transferred from the Major Crimes Investigative Unit while investigating the corruption of a superior officer. Gu Reum is a person who acts before she thinks and bulldozes on ahead once she makes up her mind. She ends up with her life turned upside down when she meets with Ji Oh while on the case of a missing child.

An actress with a strong filmography to back up her strong personality, Lee Da Hee is a perfect fit for the role, having participated in such works as “Beauty Inside” and “Search: WWW” On joining the cast of “LUCA,” Lee Da Hee said, “After ‘Search: WWW’ I wanted to find a good drama to work on, so I was thrilled when I heard about ‘LUCA.’ It’s got a great director, a great writer, and a great cast, so I look forward to getting to work with all of them. I’m honored to be working with these seniors, who I always wanted to work with at least once.”

The production team behind ‘LUCA’ said of the work, “[Viewers] can expect the birth of a new genre that is as diruptive and differential as the material it covers. Because we have some of the best actors and producers working on this drama, you can expect a great drama to come out of it.”

“LUCA” is currently slated to premiere in the latter half of the year.