Kim Tae Ri And Her Agency Apologize Following Criticisms Regarding Her Request To Fans For Translations

Kim Tae Ri And Her Agency Apologize Following Criticisms Regarding Her Request To Fans For Translations

Kim Tae Ri and her agency have shared apologies for the actress’s recent request to fans.

Earlier this week, Kim Tae Ri made an Instagram post announcing that English subtitles had finally been uploaded to Episode 3 of her “So This Is The Place?” YouTube series a year after its release. In the post, she explained that since viewers were from so many different countries, she was brainstorming ways to quickly get subtitles up for the fourth and final episode. To do so, Kim Tae Ri proposed a volunteer project for fans who would be willing and able to provide translations quickly.

After some viewers criticized the volunteer project for running without any compensation being offered, Kim Tae Ri deleted the initial post.

Kim Tae Ri And Her Agency Apologize Following Criticisms Regarding Her Request To Fans For Translations

Shortly after, Kim Tae Ri and her agency management mmm shared separate English statements on Instagram to apologize for the incident. Read their statements below:

Kim Tae Ri

Hello, this is Kim Tae Ri.

Above all, I’m sorry for the trouble I have caused. I’d like to express my apologies to everyone I made feel uncomfortable. As I was worried that this might cause further discomfort to many people, I was cautious and delayed in addressing this issue. I am writing this to convey my apologies to those who may be disappointed in me.

I planned my vlog as a way to repay the love I have received from my fans, and I have been involved in every step of the process, from filming to editing to, at present, the English subtitles. I thought that this might be a more complete way to repay my fans.

Since the video was released, fans from various countries, not just English-speaking ones, have requested subtitles in their own languages. Seeing the different languages under the video made me think about how great it would be if they could enjoy the video with subtitles in their own language. But because I was so focused on the idea of completing something meaningful with my fans, I failed to approach the most important issue with caution. Clearly, I fell short.

I should not have approached my fans as if I was asking for talent donations. It was a clear mistake, and I deeply reflect on the fact that I was not aware of it myself. I apologize to everyone who may have felt uncomfortable due to my short-sighted thoughts and actions.

I realize that a sincere apology is more important than anything else. I sent an apology email to everyone who so kindly offered to help with the translation work.

Once again, I sincerely apologize.

management mmm

Hello, this is management mmm.

We’d like to express our official position on the “So This Is The Place?” subtitle translations.

The vlog series does not generate any revenue from advertisements or other means. We also do not equate an individual’s emotions with financial gain. Since the inception of “So This Is The Place?,” and as the work on the English subtitles continues, Tae Ri’s commitment to her fans has been the sole driving force.

The only intent behind the request for translation help was to make the vlogs more accessible to international fans. Despite our intentions, however, we acknowledge and deeply regret the unintended distress this announcement caused to numerous individuals.

We would like to emphasize that it was never our intention to take advantage of anyone in the process of making “So This Is The Place?”. When there were circumstances that required compensation, we ensured that it was provided in a fair manner.

We sincerely apologize once again for any distress our decisions may have caused.

Thank you.

Source: Soompi