13 June K-Drama Premieres To Look Forward To

13 June K-Drama Premieres To Look Forward To

June is here along with lots of heat and a batch of new K-dramas to tune into!

Here are some new K-dramas to check out this month:

“The Villain of Romance”

Cast: Cha Sun Woo, Ha Seung Ri, Choi Yeon, Shin Jee Won, Bong Tae Gyu, Han Seo Ul, Kang Sang Jun, Kang Hee Je, Cha Soon Bae, Yang So Min, Han Hyun Min, Kim Hae Joon, Joo Suk Tae, etc.

Premiere Date: June 5

Broadcast Details: Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:30 p.m. KST on MBC Drama, available on Viki

“The Villain of Romance” is a coming-of-age story and realistic romance drama about young college “villains” who are still learning about love. Cha Sun Woo stars as Kang Hee Jae, who insists that he is a cool and understanding guy, but isn’t actually cool in the slightest when it comes to romance and his feelings. Ha Seung Ri plays Ban Yu Jin, a highly intelligent older student at Kang Hee Jae’s college. Because the frosty Yu Jin can never seem to keep a relationship going for longer than 100 days, she starts to worry that she’ll wind up living a lonely life alone. So when younger guy Hee Jae boldly shoots his shot, she decides to put him through some intense “training” as they date.

“Love Tractor”

Cast: Do Won, Yoon Do Jin, etc.

Premiere Date: June 7

Broadcast Details: Wednesdays at 10 a.m. KST

The second project from the team of hit BL drama “Semantic Error,” “Love Tractor” is a healing romance drama that follows the story of city boy Sun Yool (Do Won) and country boy Ye Chan (Yoon Do Jin). Sun Yool travels down to his grandfather’s house in the countryside to get a break. Sun Yool and Ye Chan’s relationship begins unexpectedly after Ye Chan suddenly splashes a bucket full of water at him. However, the two gradually grow closer as the pure-hearted and passionate Ye Chan begins to lend a helping hand to Sun Yool, who is trying his best to adjust to life in the countryside. Check out a teaser here!


Cast: Woo Do Hwan, Lee Sang Yi, Heo Joon Ho, Park Sung Woong, etc.

Premiere Date: June 9

Broadcast Details: all episodes released simultaneously at 4 p.m. KST on Netflix

Based on a webtoon, “Bloodhounds” is an action noir about two young people who step into the world of loan sharks in pursuit of money and get caught up in a web of much darker forces. Woo Do Hwan stars as Gun Woo, who enters the world of loan sharks to pay off his debts. He was once a promising boxer who won the Rookie of the Year award, but after meeting Mr. Choi (Heo Joon Ho), he becomes a bodyguard. Lee Sang Yi takes on the role of Woo Jin, who ends up working with Gun Woo. Park Sung Woong plays Myeong Gil, a vicious loan shark driven solely by money who will get into a tense conflict with Mr. Choi. Check out a teaser here!

“See You in My 19th Life”

Cast: Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yun Kyung, Ahn Dong Gu, Kim Si Ah, Park So Yi, Jeong Hyeon Jun, Gi So You, Ryu Hae Jun, Lee Chae Min, Bae Hae Sun, etc.

Premiere Date: June 17

Broadcast Details: Saturdays and Sundays at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN

Based on a webtoon, “See You in My 19th Life” is a romance drama about a woman named Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye Sun), who has been repeatedly reincarnated for nearly a thousand years and remembers all of her past lives. After her 18th life is tragically cut short, Ban Ji Eum decides that in her 19th life, she will set out to find a man named Moon Seo Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun) that she met in her 18th life. Moon Seo Ha lives with trauma of losing his loved ones as a child, but his life changes dramatically when he meets the strange woman Ban Ji Eum. Watch a teaser here!

“King the Land”

Cast: Lee Junho (2PM), YoonA (Girls’ Generation), Go Won Hee, Kim Ga Eun, Ahn Se Ha, Kim Jae Won, Lee Ho Suk, etc.

Premiere Date: June 17

Broadcast Details: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC

“King the Land” is about a chaebol heir named Gu Won (Lee Junho) who cannot stand fake smiles. He meets Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA) who is always equipped with a bright smile even when she does not want to due to the nature of her profession, and together, the two set out to find happy days in which they can sincerely smile brightly together. King the Land refers to a VVIP business lounge, which is a place of dreams for hoteliers. Watch a teaser here!

“Lies Hidden in My Garden”

Cast: Kim Tae Hee, Lim Ji Yeon, Kim Sung Oh, Choi Jae Rim, Jung Woon Sun, Cha Sung Je, Baek Hyun Joo, Cha Mi Kyung, Lee Eun Jung, etc.

Premiere Date: June 19

Broadcast Details: Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST on ENA

Based on a novel, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is a suspenseful thriller about two women who lead entirely different lives. However, a suspicious smell in one of their backyards winds up bringing the two together in ways that they could never have expected. Kim Tae Hee plays Joo Ran, a woman who lives a picture-perfect life in a perfect home until she notices the stench of a dead body emanating from her backyard, while Lim Ji Yeon plays Sang Eun, a domestic violence victim who dreams of escaping her hellish reality. Watch a teaser here!


Cast: Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE), Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Min Soo, Yeonwoo, Sungyeol (INFINITE), Kim Young Jae, Bae Hae Sun, Jung Hae Kyun, Do Yeon Jin, Kim Sun Bin, etc.

Premiere Date: June 23

Broadcast Details: Fridays and Saturdays at 9:50 p.m. KST on MBC, available on Viki

“Numbers” is a drama set against the backdrop of a major accounting firm. Kim Myung Soo stars as Jang Ho Woo, the first accountant without a college degree to join the prestigious Taeil Accounting Firm. The drama will follow Jang Ho Woo’s fight for justice and revenge as he tackles all sorts of obstacles at the elite firm. Choi Jin Hyuk plays Han Seung Jo, the only son of the vice president of Taeil Accounting Firm. Watch a teaser here!


Cast: Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, Hong Kyung, Park Ji Young, Jin Sun Kyu, Kim Won Hae, Ye Soo Jung, Yang Hye Ji, etc.

Premiere Date: June 23

Broadcast Details: Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST on SBS

Written by famous scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee of “Sign,” “Ghost,” “Signal,” and “Kingdom,” “Revenant” is an occult mystery thriller in which a woman possessed by an evil spirit and a man who can see those evil spirits inside human bodies dig into the mysterious deaths surrounding five divine objects. Kim Tae Ri stars as Goo San Young, who gets possessed by an evil spirit after receiving a keepsake belonging to her late father that she should have never received. Watch a teaser here!

“Mrs. Durian”

Cast: Park Joo Mi, Choi Myung Gil, Kim Min Joon, Han Da Gam, Jeon No Min, Yoon Hae Young, Ji Young San, Yoo Jung Hoo, Lee Da Yeon, etc.

Premiere Date: June 24

Broadcast Details: Saturdays and Sundays at 9:10 p.m. KST on TV Chosun

“Mrs. Durian” is the latest project by hit scriptwriter Phoebe (Im Sung Han), who has written “Princess Aurora,” “Dear Heaven,” “New Tales of Gisaeng,” and “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce).” The fantasy romance drama is a story that travels through time and follows the chaebol Dan family who gets entangled with two mysterious women. Watch a teaser here!


Cast: Taecyeon (2PM), Won Ji An, Park Kang Hyun, Yoon So Hee, Yoon Byung Hee, Go Kyu Pil, Kim In Kwon, Moon Seung Yoo, Baek Seo Hoo, Baek Hyun Joo, Jung Young Ki, Ham Tae In, etc.

Premiere Date: June 26

Broadcast Details: Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:45 p.m. KST on KBS2

“Heartbeat” is a fantasy romance drama starring 2PM’s Taecyeon as Seon Woo Hyul, who is half-human and half-vampire. Although he desperately wants to become human, he misses his chance because of one fateful day out of 100 years. He eventually winds up moving in together with Joo In Hae (Won Ji An), a cold-blooded woman who lacks humanity despite being fully human. Watch a teaser here!

“Miracle Brothers”

Cast: Jung Woo, Bae Hyun Sung, Park Yoo Rim, Oh Man Seok, Lee Ki Woo, Seo Jae Hee, Kang Mal Geum, Lee Sung Wook, Choi Kwang Il, Ahn Nae Sang, So Hee Jung, Lee Ji Hyun, Jo Bok Rae, Choi Duk Moon, Seo Jae Gyu, etc.

Premiere Date: June 28

Broadcast Details: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC

“Miracle Brothers” (literal title) is a mystery drama about the miracles made through time and the search for truth by Yook Dong Joo (Jung Woo), an aspiring writer with tons of debt, and a mysterious boy named Kang San (Bae Hyun Sung), who has unique powers. Yook Dong Joo shows great potential as a writer but struggles to find success seven years after graduating college. Kang San loses his memory in an accident but develops the mysterious ability to feel the pain and despair of others and read their minds.


Cast: Park Gyu Young, Kang Min Hyuk (CNBLUE), Lee Chung Ah, Lee Dong Gun, Jun Hyosung, etc.

Premiere Date: June 30

Broadcast Details: all episodes released simultaneously at 4 p.m. KST on Netflix

“Celebrity” is a drama that depicts the true reality of the glamorous and competitive life of celebrities encountered by Seo Ah Ri (Park Gyu Young), who jumps into a world where fame brings riches and experiences a whirlwind of events. Other personalities in Seo Ah Ri’s chaotic influencer world include third generation chaebol Han Joon Kyung (Kang Min Hyuk), who takes a particular interest in Seo Ah Ri, Yoon Shi Hyun (Lee Chung Ah), who doesn’t even have social media but is envied by many, Yoon Shi Hyun’s husband Jin Tae Jeon (Lee Dong Gun), a representative for a large law firm, and social media star Oh Min Hye (Jun Hyosung). Watch a teaser here!


Cast: Ki Hyun Woo, Yang Jun Mo, Park Hyeong Seop, Jo Chan Hyun, Yeoreum (WJSN), etc.

Premiere Date: TBA

Broadcast Details: TBA

“JUN & JUN” is a romantic comedy BL drama that depicts the office romance of Lee Jun (Yang Jun Mo), a former idol who is now an intern at a cosmetic company, and Choi Jun (Ki Hyun Woo), a director at the cosmetic company who is a pro when it comes to flirting. The cast also includes Park Hyung Sub, Jo Chan Hyun, and WJSN’s Yeoreum.

Source: Soompi