Kim Go Eun Is Song Joong Ki’s Biggest Fan On The Set Of K-Drama “Little Women”

Kim Go Eun Is Song Joong Ki’s Biggest Fan On The Set Of K-Drama “Little Women”

We need them to star in a K-Drama together!

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Only two episodes are out so far, but tvN and Studio Dragon‘s new K-Drama Little Women is a fast favorite for viewers!

“Little Women” cast.

The K-Drama is loosely inspired by the classic 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. The TV show stars Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu as three sisters who have grown up poor due to family circumstances but get involved in a rich family after money goes missing.

“Little Women” 2019 film. | Sony Pictures

“Little Women” K-Drama poster.

It’s no surprise that the K-Drama is already impacting viewers so well, as it is the same director as Vincenzo. Director Kim Hee Won also paid tribute to our favorite mafia consigliere with a cameo from Vincenzo himself.

Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo | tvN

Previously, fans anticipated actor Song Joong Ki‘s appearance in Little Women as a major role as Kim Go Eun’s character Oh In Ju’s ex-husband after hearing that they would appear and that the ex was a con artist.

Song Joong Ki did appear in Episode 2 as hoped. Yet, his character could not have been more different.

Song Joong Ki in “Little Women.”

In Episode 2, Oh In Ju is investigating not only to prove her best friend’s innocence for alleged crimes committed but also to discover the truth behind her shocking death.

Before her death, the friend gave Oh In Ju an expensive pair of shoes known to only have three pairs in South Korea. Suspecting that her friend had not really bought them herself, she visits the shoe store to discover the true purchaser.

The person Oh In Ju consulted was none other than our beloved Song Joong Ki. He portrayed the shoe store owner/salesman.

Viewers were excited to see two of Korea’s best actors onscreen, even for a short time, but it still left us wanting more. Well, thankfully, tvN has now released a behind-the-scenes video of Song Joong Ki’s guesting on the set of Little Women!

In the newly released clip, Song Joong Ki arrived to set and was met by an adoring fan… Kim Go Eun! Upon seeing him, she cheered for his arrival and even “popped” an invisible popper.

Where is she heading while clapping her hands? That silhouette is… Who is this actor who the staff are playfully welcoming? Actor Song Joong Gi who is making a special appearance!

— Caption

Always charming, Song Joong Ki pretended as if he had stumbled onto the set by mere coincidence. Although, we know it was all intentional, thanks to the director.

Staff: You like empty formalities.

Song Joong Ki: Who comes out on it?

Caption: He’s still pretending to have happened upon the set simply by chance.

Even while filming, Song Joong Ki continued to joke with Kim Go Eun. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it has us all hoping for them to star alongside each other in a future K-Drama!

Caption: The actors are rehearsing after putting the cheers behind them.

Song Joong Ki: Good to see you…

Staff: Do you not want to do it?

Caption: Can’t continue because of all the joking around ㅋㅋㅋ

Song Joong Ki’s cameo will certainly be remembered as iconic, especially as it subtly references Vincenzo. It’s great to see him onscreen again!

You can also watch the behind-the-scenes video below.

Source: Koreaboo