GFRIEND Eunha Releases OST 'Pit-A-Pat' For JTBC Drama 'She Would Never Know'

GFRIEND Eunha Releases OST  'Pit-A-Pat' For JTBC Drama 'She Would Never Know'

Eunha from girl group GFRIEND lent her voice for the 3rd OST titled 'Pit A Pat' of the JTBC's drama 'She Would Never Know'.


The OST Part.3 of 'She Would Never Know' has been released at 6 PM KST on February 1. This is a song that aims to bring back the feelings of love for lovers in the coming spring, and the warm modern sound of rock in conjunction with the pure voice of GFRIEND Eunha can make your heart tickle.

AIMING, a group of producers who were recognized for their skills by participating in the OSTs of the dramas 'Start-Up' and 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol', composed the song, and they made it perfect.

'She Would Never Know' is a drama about Yoon Song Ah (played by Won Jin Ah), Chae Hyun Seung (played by SF9 Ro Woon), Lee Jae Shin (played by Lee Hyun Wook), and Lee Hyo Joo (played by Lee Joo Bin), who hold their own wounds and stuck to the past. It it a story of growing up facing each other's pain, providing healing that touches the viewers' hearts. As its meaning of "you are much more beautiful just by removing a lipstick that doesn't suit you" is conveyed, it is showing the true value of a healing romance.

The JTBC's Monday-Tuesday drama 'She Would Never Know' airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM KST.