5 Korean Actors Who Viewers Will Probably Not See On Screen Again

5 Korean Actors Who Viewers Will Probably Not See On Screen Again

Some of them committed vile acts.

While most Korean actors strive to have long careers, there have been a few whose careers came to a sudden stop. Some of these were due to scandals, while others were due to personal reasons. Here’s a list of a few Korean actors who viewers will probably never see on screen acting again.

1. Lee Seo Won

In 2018, it was revealed that Lee Seo Won had not only sexually harassed a female celebrity, but also threatened a female colleague with a knife when he was drunk. Lee Seo Won soon pleaded guilty to these crimes, and his image went spiraling down after this. He is now viewed extremely negatively by the Korean general public.

2. Kang Ji Hwan

In 2019, Kang Ji Hwan was arrested for charges of sexually assaulting two women. It was reported that Kang Ji Hwan drank with two female staff members at his home, then raped one of the women when she fell asleep, and sexually harassed the other. While he initially denied any of this, he soon admitted that he was guilty of all charges.

This is Kang Ji Hwan.

I admit guilt to all of the charges and bow my head in sincere apology to the victims who were greatly wronged by my actions that I cannot reverse.

I would also like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the recent events.

I will receive all of the punishment for my actions and live in atonement.

I am sorry.

— Kang Ji Hwan

Due to the severity of this scandal, not only was Kang Ji Hwan’s image destroyed, but his contract with his company was also terminated.

3. Seo Min Jung

Seo Min Jung was quite popular during her time as an actress, with her most famous role being in Unstoppable High Kick.

She made shocking news when she decided to retire as a celebrity in 2007. It was revealed that she had married a Korean-American dentist, and was going to move to New York City to start her life as a non-celebrity. Through the years, Seo Min Jung has had brief appearances on variety shows whenever she visits South Korea but has never been in any acting project since her retirement in 2007.

4. Jang Mi In Ae

Jang Mi In Ae received major backlash when she disapproved of President Moon Jae In‘s urgent disaster support policy to help provide financial aid to low-income families.

This is so annoying. Korea doesn’t have that kind of money. You gave our land away to someone else, too, didn’t you? Are you really a government that saves the citizens? What’s the worth of that 1 million won? Whenever I see the news, I go crazy with rage.

– Jang Mi In Ae

The actress was met with harsh criticism for her attitude, but she still maintained her position even after the backlash. Jang Mi In Ae also decided to retire as an actress after this.

In light of the entire world going through this crisis, why are Koreans suddenly having a hard time? I didn’t understand why they’re suddenly giving citizens support from tax payers’ money, when it’s not even going to make a difference. After this, taxes will just go up, and I couldn’t keep my frustration to myself, which is why I uploaded that post. I don’t understand why Korea is doing this ahead of the general election. I’m just going to go my way. I didn’t know political remarks can be so sensitive and how much hate I could get as a result. I’m so sick of this. And to those who asked me if I donate, I do as much as I can. I’ve donated as much as I could given my finances. I feel foolish for worrying about my fellow citizens. I will no longer be active in Korea as an actress.

– Jang Mi In Ae

Due to how negatively her comments were taken, it would be difficult for Jang Mi In Ae to make a comeback without facing major backlash.

5. Lee Tae Im

In 2018, actress Lee Tae Im decided to suddenly leave the entertainment industry. She ended up removing her profile from portal sites, as well as giving a final message to her fans on a social media post.

This is Tae Im.

It’s been a long time. I’ve been going through a difficult time with various thoughts and hardships. I’ve decided to live an ordinary life from hereon. I will not forget those who loved and supported me.

Thank you.

— Lee Tae Im

Lee Tae Im’s agency was also surprised by the sudden news, as she hadn’t even given them a heads up about her retirement. It’s been over 4 years since Lee Tae Im seemingly disappeared from the entertainment industry, and there have been very little updates about her.

Source: Koreaboo