4 K-Pop Idols Get Recognization For Excellent Acting Skills

4 K-Pop Idols Get Recognization For Excellent Acting Skills

Idol encroaching into acting is not a strange thing in Korean showbiz anymore, but not everyone is recognized for talent and support by the audience. However, the 4 K-Pop idols below are another case that shows they are not only talented in the music industry but also the acting career.

Whether they pocket a few or more works, each of their films on screen is of extremely high quality, praised by a large number of audiences.


Outstanding projects: Moon Lovers, Hotel Del Luna, My Mister,...


IU must be an outstanding case of K-Pop when she has almost achieved success in almost every field she has invested in, from singing, composing to acting. If IU's previous roles in Dream High and Moon Lovers are still controversial, her performances in My Mister and especially Hotel Del Luna has truly proved her acting skills. Now, no one can discuss IU's "actress" title anymore.




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Do Kyung Soo - EXO D.O

Outstanding projects: Pure Love, My Annoying Brother, 100 Days My Prince,...


As the main vocal of EXO, D.O is famous for her sweet, inspiring voice. However, when he stepped into the movie field, he also surprised the audience with his acting ability. From small roles with martial arts to the male lead who weighs the whole movie or the obsessive villain, D.O is all performed excellently.




Some viewers commented, Do Kyung Soo acts well, if he does not become an idol, he would be a good actor with many excellent roles for life.

Im Siwan

Outstanding projects: Moon Embracing The Sun, The Attorney, Triangle,...


For many years, Siwan has always been rated as one of the idols with the best acting ability among Kpop idols. He continuously participated in many films from television to film and won countless praise from both experts and audiences. During ZE: A's solo activities, Siwan completely focused on attacking the field and received many awards.




Since then, the fan asserted that he is suitable for entering acting if there are any problems in his singing career.

Yook Sung Jae

Outstanding projects: Plus Nine Boys, The Village: Achiara's Secret, Goblin, Mystic Pop Up Bar,...


At the first time he touched the cinema, Sung Jae conquered the audience with his natural and emotional acting. The actor often chooses humorous, lovely roles but still makes a breakthrough because of the depth of personality. Therefore, each character of Sung Jae is loved by the audience.