DREAM HIGH cast after 9 years: Not everyone achieves success

DREAM HIGH cast after 9 years: Not everyone achieves success

Revolving around teenagers who are trained to become idols, Dream High can be considered one of the monuments of Korean school drama which tells a combination of love, friendship, and music.

Nearly 10 years have passed, each name in the main cast that day has now been in very different positions on the Korean star map.


Bae Suzy

Dream High marks her first female lead role and helps her debut as the "nation's first love" Suzy. Although her acting skills are still limited, Hye Mi's character still leaves a deep impression on the audience, helping the actress win the Best Newcomer and Best Couple Award (with Kim Soo Hyun) of KBS that year.


In the movie field, she won the prestigious Baeksang's Best New Actress award for her role in Architecture 101 (2012). In the television field, Suzy is very popular with the media thanks to her high reputation and beauty value, although her acting is still controversial, typically Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, Vagabond.


Although still not being recognized in the ranks of good acting, Suzy probably no longer makes the audience frown every time she watches her movie. In the near future, there will be three film projects of Suzy to air, including the short film If My Stuff Is Still In Your House, It's Not Over, the TV series Start-Up and the movie Wonderland.

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Kim Soo Hyun

Dream High takes Kim Soo Hyun's reputation to a new level, creating a solid springboard for a series of his successive hits.


Just over a year after Dream High, Kim Soo Hyun stepped up to the top male K-actor ranks with the historical superhero drama Moon Embracing the Sun with Han Ga In, and won the outstanding male lead at Baeksang at the age of 24, an unprecedented and controversial achievement at that time.

My Love from the Star, his next project collaborating with Jun Ji Hyun continued to be a super hit sweeping Asia, officially made him to be named "the king of television". The Producers then, despite facing many controversies, still "misty" the two-digit rating continuously and helped to add many titles to the actor's award collection.


In the movie segment, Kim Soo Hyun also made a mark with The Thieves and Secretly, Greatly before "falling short" with Real right before enlistment. After 2 years in the army, the famous actor has just returned with Psycho But It's Okay has been a huge success in the international market thanks to a unique scenario. With the tendency to prioritize quality over quality, it may take a long time for audiences to see Kim Soo Hyun on the screen.


After Dream High, IU continued to firmly step on the path of becoming a top female solo artist and developed acting in parallel. The Pretty Man, You Are the Best!, The Producers are more or less popular, but it was not until the end of 2016 that IU was really feverish as an actor thanks to Moon Lovers. The film at the time of airing was not appreciated by Korean audiences, but it is the "darling" of international fans and is still classified as a "wall" in the hearts of many.


After Moon Lovers, her acting career gradually "took off" with My Mister and Hotel Del Luna has been highly appreciated. From a "rolling eyes" actress, IU's acting has grown tremendously and helped her twice to be nominated for the best female lead in Baeksang next to the old names. Currently, she is a rare name with great success in both music and film. In the near future, she will have her first commercial movie, Dream, in collaboration with top male god Park Seo Joon.



With a relatively natural but less explosive performance, Taecyeon has gradually asserted his position as an actor, but his performance is quite voluminous and has not had a significant breakthrough. Wonderful Days, Let's Fight, Ghost!, Save Me are movie titles that have helped him make his mark on the television front. In the movie segment, Taecyeon still does not have outstanding works.


In the near future, Taecyeon will appear in Vincenzo with Song Joong Ki as well as have the first historical role in his career with the movie Hansan based on the Korean-Japanese war theme, cooperate with a quality cast, hope to have can give his "average" career a necessary boost.


Han Eun Jung

As Baek Hee in Dream High, she won a lot of love from the audience, but just over a year later, T-ara's bullying scandal caused the group's reputation to plunge and Eun Jung was also unjustly cut off from the Five Fingers project.


Despite being estranged for many years, Eun Jung is still active in both music and movies. She starred in a series of supporting roles in Endless Love, Love on a Rooftop or Lovely Horribly and had been in the cinema but failed to resonate. Although the old scandal has been clear and T-ara has been unjustly resolved, the careers of the members in general and Eun Jung, in particular, are still uncertain in the midst of the new generation of talented stars.


Jang Wooyoung

The role of Korean - American student Jason in Dream High marked his first appearance as an actor. The cute image in the movie helps Wooyoung to be loved by many audiences.


However, after Dream High, he only participated in two more low-profile dramas and since then has not returned to movies for 7 years. Wooyoung is currently active in the music industry as well as entertainment programs and doesn't know when to act.