10 K-Pop Idols Who Showcased Their Awesome Acting Skills

10 K-Pop Idols Who Showcased Their Awesome Acting Skills

K-pop idols often sing, dance, and look amazing, but do you know that many of them have award-winning acting skills too?

The Hallyu wave has flowed from South Korea to the most distant rivers and oceans of the planet for obvious reasons. Becoming a metaphorical tidal wave of unique music, K-Pop has transformed into a whole genre of its own. Peppered with stars that shine bright with their vocal prowess, phenomenal choreography, and gorgeous visuals, the Korean entertainment industry has harnessed and forged quite a few massively talented individuals.

Just when you thought that your favorite K-Pop idols couldn’t get any more amazing, they go ahead and dabble into acting as well. Compelling, Oscar-worthy, and 100% spellbinding; that’s what these idols turned K-drama actors are!

1. BTS V

BTS made their debut in 2013, and three years later, Kim Taehyung (A.K.A. V) surprised us all with his extraordinary acting chops. Portraying the role of Hansung, the youngest and most adorable warrior in the K-Drama, Hwarang, V showed that he isn’t just a talented vocalist and master of the stage; he is also a brilliantly artistic actor who deserves an Academy Award. (Yes, we were also very fond of Hansung and cried for a week when they killed off his character. *sobs in Hwarang*) Seriously, when will we see this handsome guy star in another K-Drama? Asking for ARMY…

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Bringing chart-topping hits like “Mazeltov”, “Love Coach”, and “Phoenix” to the table, ZE:A was definitely one for the books. Taking a break from his singing and dancing duties, Park Hyung Sik ventured into the world of K-Dramas seamlessly. Starring in one of the title roles of Hwarang, he gave a spectacular performance as Ji Dwi, the young and charming king of Silla with some mad sword-fighting skills.

Among others, he also set hearts aflutter as the leading man in the romcom, Strong Girl Bong Soon. His unconventional character was leaning towards some sort of a strong damsel in distress. With his leading lady saving him all the time, Park Hyung Sik conveyed quirky uniqueness into his role.

He’s definitely one of the most versatile leading men of this generation. Ultimately, his portrayal in Suits explored the range of his acting grit. And we can’t wait for the next character he would bring life to.


Make way for one of the muses of Itaewon Class, Kwon Nara! Initially debuted as part of the K-Pop girl group, Hello Venus, this stunner is quite the multi-talented star. She can sing, she can dance, and she can act … oh, and she’s a natural beauty too! Starring in the K-Dramas, Your HonorDoctor Prisoner, My Mister, Single Cunning Lady, and Suspicious Partner, this pretty lady has been demonstrating her stellar acting skills since circa 2014.

However, it was her remarkable portrayal of the quick-witted Oh Soo Ah in Itaewon Class that truly made her shine with the power of a thousand suns. Her character in the spectacularly inspirational K-Drama gave her platform for unconventional dynamics, a myriad of hairstyles, and a wardrobe that we would very much like to raid! Being the complete package, Kwon Nara definitely is one of South Korea’s brightest stars.


That’s right; one of the prettiest faces you’ll ever see in the entertainment industry is this guy over here: Cha Eun Woo! Known for his sweet mellow vocals and quirky dance moves, this artist knows how to turn up his ethereal charms in the world of TV series too. The Astro visual and vocalist has lit up our TV screens with shows like My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Hit The Top and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.

Enchanting viewers with his impressive acting chops, Cha Eun Woo has proven that he looks right at home in both K-Pop and K-Drama. Raise your hands up in the air if you’re excited for the release of his new TV series, True Beauty!

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From “Be Myself”, “Only One”, and “Love Story”, all the way to “Promise You” and the recently released “Dumhdurum”, Apink has been a shimmering and shining gem in the music industry. And several of their members, such as Na Eun have stepped up to the plate and delved into acting as well. This lovely superstar has made multiple cameos in quite a few K-Dramas, but her most notable appearance to date is her role in Cinderella and the Four Knights. We’re so ready for more of Actress Na Eun!


Catapulted to stellar stardom, SHINee has brought chart-topping tracks that can bring out both the sentimental and the cheerful side of your musical taste. With songs like “Our Page”, “Good Evening”, “Countless”, and “Prism”, this boyband will always be iconic. Let’s shine the spotlight on one of the group’s vocalists who has flaunted his actor side too!

He may be currently serving in the army, but fans will never forget Minho’s phenomenal performances in Somehow 18, To the Beautiful You, and Hwarang. Come to think of it, Hwarang was a cinematic gathering of boyband members! We can’t wait for Minho to be discharged from the military, so Shawols can admire his captivating smile again!

7. IU

Hailed as one of South Korea’s most popular soloists, IU’s career is vibrant and illustrious. Serenading fans with songs like “Dear Name”, “Love Poem”, and her recent collaboration with BTS’ Suga, “Eight”, this K-Pop star has built a reputation due to her gentle vocals and self-written songs. Her fans likely already know that she’s become quite the actress as well. With her leading role in Hotel Del Luna being one of her most notable performances, we’re curious to see what she’ll do next.

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Hailing from Canada, Henry Lau is a prolific artist who has built an incredible career that crossed borders, art forms, and cultures. We first saw him step into the limelight as a violinist for Super Junior. Soon after, he became a member of the group’s subunit called Super Junior-M.

A few more years down the road, and Henry ventured into a solo career with tracks like “Trap” and “I Luv U”. As if that wasn’t impressive and distinguished enough, he even made a Hollywood acting debut in movies, such as A Dog’s Journey, A Dog’s Purpose, and Double World. Currently, he manages his own entertainment company called Monster Entertainment Group. That’s quite a lot of achievements for 30-year-old! You go, Henry Lau!


South Korea has a lot of sweethearts, but one of their first darlings was Bae Suzy of Miss A! Elevating to immense levels of stardom as the visual, lead rapper, and lead vocalist of the girl group, this charmer can definitely light up a room. Transitioning from a singer into an actress, Suzy has starred in Dream High, Gu Family Book, and Uncontrollably Fond, among others. Fans can also see her fight off the dangers and perils in her recent flick, Ashfall.

Can’t wait to see more of her on the silver screen? Well, then you’re in luck, because she’s gearing up for her new film titled Wonderland. Need another reason to go see this movie once it premieres? We’ll give you three: Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo, and Choi Woo Shik!


Krystal Jung first stole viewers’ hearts as the lead vocalist and dancer of the iconic K-Pop group, f(x). The multinational group stood the test of time, with their longevity and star power. With the members venturing off into new horizons, Krystal Jung has starred in movies and K-Dramas like Unexpected Love, The Miracle, The Heirs, Player, and My Lovely Girl.

Keep your calendars open for next month, because Krystal is slated to stun audiences with her role as a stalwart elite army officer in the thriller series, The Search. Ooh, we see good fortune and a lot of binge-watching in your future!