TWICE‘s Sana is the picture of a charming spring fairy as the solo cover model of ‘1st Look’s magazine! This marks Sana’s first ever solo magazine pictorial since her debut, and the idol melted onlookers with her lovable expressions, poses, and attitude throughout the photoshoot.


During her interview, Sana opened up about her disappointment at the cancellation of TWICE’s ‘Twicelights in Seoul – Finale’ concert. She said, “I’m really disappointed. It’s hard to express in words. The Seoul concert was a very meaningful event bringing our 1-year tour to completion. Because we were all so disappointed, we shared group photos on the day that the concert was supposed to be on SNS, saying sorry to our fans. It was the fans who comforted us and showed us strength, which we were all thankful for. I really hope that we can all stay well and healthy.”