After receiving complaints on her skinny body in a long time, Sunmi has made fans wowed when looking flawless and lively when she put on 10kg.


A slim body is one of the priority factors that female idols have to achieve. However, over-dieting sometimes bring out such consequences to their bodies as it looks like just bones, and to their physical health. Sunmi is a typical example.


However, Sunmi has successfully gained weight and become more and more beautiful than ever, when she reaches the weight as 50kg. She is also an inspiration for lots of female idols – who just think about losing weight without worrying about their healths.


The Gashina singer has recently appeared on Knowing Bros, where she shared her true thoughts about her weights. She said that she was afraid of dying if she didn’t gain weight.

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Sunmi also revealed that during the promotion of Heroine, she was only 41kg. This is considered unhealthy in comparison with her height, as 1m66.

At some points, she said that she even didn’t reach 40kg!

Sunmi recently took to Instagram a picture of her and announced her weight at 50kg, in joy. This is the result of a process with strict diet and exercise routine.


Both her face and her figures are receiving high praise from netizen. The former Wonder Girls member look more gorgeous and full of soul than before.

The gaining process also made her stunning curves shown clearly, especially when she flaunts short dresses.

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Sunmi is known for the K-Pop charming queen when chasing for a sexy style both in her fashion and music. Therefore, 10kg gained has made her fit perfectly with the image.


The 92-born singer has come back with her new song, Pporappippam. As she already follow for an alluring, rebellious and audacious image, that signature styles have been also expressed in her new song.