Sunmi Reveals Her K-Pop Besties And The Rookie Hoobae Girl Group Most Intriguing To Her Right Now

Sunmi Reveals Her K-Pop Besties And The Rookie Hoobae Girl Group Most Intriguing To Her Right Now

Curious about her work besties and hoobae crush? Read on!

Having debuted with WONDER GIRLS in 2007, soloist Sunmi is a long-reigning queen with 15 years of experience dominating the stage. In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, she revealed friends who have helped her stay grounded through it all and hoobaes who keep her inspired after all this time!

Sunmi | @official_sunmi_/Twitter

In 2017, Sunmi wrapped up a decade of calling JYP Entertainment home, after debuting as the agency’s first-ever girl group. Making the switch to ABYSS COMPANY (which, at the time, was MAKE US Entertainment), Sunmi began flourishing even more; “24 Hours” and “Full Moon,” which she released with JYPE marked the beginnings of her career as a soloist, but “Gashina” and “Heroine,” which she released with ABYSS, pushed her to the next level.

At ABYSS, Sunmi fit in well—happily surrounded by some of her best friends from the industry. GOT7‘s BamBam, her former JYPE labelmate, and 2NE1‘s Sandara Park, a hoobae-slash-unnie from the same glorious second-generation era, became her support system.

Sunmi (left) and GOT7’s BamBam (right) | @official_sunmi_/Twitter

Sunmi also added she is “close with everyone” at ABYSS, including Park Won and MeloMance.

With ABYSS COMAPNY’s undivided attention, Sunmi started wiping charts and dominating social media trends, soon getting dubbed an irreplaceable “K-Pop Queen” with her own genre of “Sunmi Pop.”

Not only as a member of JYP Entertainment’s first-ever girl group, but also as one of the most established female soloists in the K-Pop world, Sunmi is now a well-loved colleague and sunbae to all K-Pop idols!

When asked about any third or fourth-generation hoobae idols that inspire her…

| @sbsnoriter/Twitter

…Sunmi said she’s all eyes on NMIXX these days!

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Hoobae idols that I’m keeping an eye on currently is NMIXX! — Sunmi

Does this mean MIYANEs could hope for a Sunmi x NMIXX? Fingers crossed.

Source: Koreaboo