Song Hye Kyo still makes the public “speechless” because of the beauty of the wall when turning into 39 years-old.


The scandal of divorce with Song Joong Ki has not subsided after a year, Song Hye Kyo is constantly called next to the famous names of the Korean entertainment industry such as Hyun Bin, Park Bo Gum. Recently, the representative of the female star has clarified the rumors back to her former lover Hyun Bin, quickly resolved the noise after months of silence.

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Today, the representative Song Hye Kyo brand has suddenly launched a breathtaking picture of the actress. Immediately, the beauty of the ‘beauty treasure’ in every close-up shot made the public forget all the past fuss, focusing only on the most perfect lines.


Song Hye Kyo’s attractive eyes, charming smile and hearts make people crazy. Many fans also left many comments about the beauty of pretty actress: “What did this Korean male idol actor miss?“, “What a beauty of Korean beauty“, “The most beautiful women when they do not belong to anyone“, “This is true “…

Check out some of the new photoshoots of Song Hye Kyo that melt viewers’ hearts below: