Shin Se Kyung shows off her heart-touching visual through the behind-the-scenes stills of autumn mood.


The behind-the-scenes still of actor Shin Se Kyung, who can feel the mood of autumn, was unveiled on September 22, drawing attention. The photo shows the actress working on a photoshoot for Elle, a fashion magazine that received heated responses earlier.


The actress is drawing attention as she is showing a side that matches the modifier “picture master.” Shin Se Kyung’s mature expression, which can be felt from her eyes and facial expressions that change every time she presses the shutter, filled the pictorial more abundantly.


In addition, Shin Se Kyung‘s unique atmosphere, and colorful charms were completed with more sensual results. The unique aura of autumn’s deepening sentiment evokes admiration from viewers, while it gives off the magical charm that goes back and forth between urban chicness and soft charisma.


Meanwhile, the actress announced her home theater comeback through JTBC’s new drama ‘Run On.’

‘Run On’, which drew attention with the news of her confirmation of her appearance, is a romance drama about people living in different worlds communicating and forming relationships in their respective languages in an era when they have difficulty communicating while using the same Korean language. In the play, the actress will play the role of Oh Mi Joo, a translator who has to rewind her back and write a deeper language of love.