MONSTA X’s Jooheon and Block B’s Zico joined forces for a hilarious collab version of “Artist“!

Both singers will be appearing as guests on the upcoming July 11 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything”—alongside Sunmi and MONSTA X’s Shownu—and fans have been eagerly looking forward to seeing the interactions between the four stars.

A newly released sneak peek from the upcoming episode has given viewers a glimpse of one such interaction, which came about after Joohoney showed off his singing and comedy skills at the same time. While singing Zion.T’s hit song “Yanghwa BRDG,” he not only faithfully imitated Zion.T’s unique vocal style, but he also incorporated some random Michael Jackson-inspired interjections that made the cast and other guests burst out laughing in surprise.

At the cast’s urging, Jooheon then tried adding the same interjections while Sunmi sang her song “24 Hours” and while Min Kyung Hoon sang his band Buzz’s “Travel to Me.”

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However, the real highlight came after Kang Ho Dong suggested that the gag might not work for Zico’s music style. Jooheon protested, “No, it’s a great fit. Actually, it’s a perfect fit.” Zico then joined Jooheon at the front of the “Ask Us Anything” classroom, where he performed a snippet of his song “Artist” as the MONSTA X member infused it with a splash of his personal take on Michael Jackson.

Check out Zico and Jooheon’s hilarious performance of “Artist” below! (Zico joins Jooheon at 2:08 in the video.)