Jisoo caused confusion with her elegant visual when she collaborated with the luxury jewelry brand ‘Cartier‘.


Recently, instead of the familiar fragile image, Jisoo has increasingly actively changed its style. Recently, the BLACKPINK member surprised people with the image of a strong talent female in the new promotional clip. Only briefly appearing in a 17-second clip, but she still caused a storm, reaching the top trending on Twitter charts of many Asian countries.


Global girl group “BLACKPINK” Jisoo showed a luxurious charm in the Cosmopolitan pictorial. Based on the new generation’s talent, individuality, and potential beyond the limits, Pasha de Cartier reinterpreted the commonalities of the singer and developed a dramatic production.

In particular, this video shows sensibly the theme of ‘beauty’ by overlapping the design elements of Jisoo’s eyes, nose, mouth and Pasha de Cartier. It intersects from the eyes of her to the index of the clock, from the nose to the hands of the clock and from the ears to the crown, and finally captures the beautiful moments felt in the two faces facing each other.


Meanwhile, the project successfully opened the door with the index, raising questions about the remaining two figures. Following the first release of the project on the 7th, the main video of the singer and Pasha de Cartier will be released on JTBC PLUS (Bazaar, Esquire, Elle, Cosmopolitan) on the 11th.

Previously, the beauty singer also showed off gifts received from Cartier many times. So many fans were extremely hopeful that she would have a deeper cooperation with the label. This collaboration is the first time she officially incorporated Cartier’s. Previously, she attended an event of the company in Korea.


Also, Cariter is a luxury jewelry brand favored by the aristocracy and the royal family. Over nearly 170 years of establishment and development, Cartier jewelry has become a trend associated with many famous movie stars and powerful royal figures. Until today, Cartier is still the brand chosen by many stars and business people. Princess Kate Middleton and her mother-in-law – the late Princess Diana also regularly use Cartier watches and jewelry.