BLACKPINK has enjoyed the beauty of speed through a trolley contest conducted in thorough safety training.


At 9:00 (KST) August 15, YG Entertainment posted episode 7 of the exclusive reality series 24/365 with Blackpink on the official blog and YouTube channel of Blackpink.

That day, Blackpink held “The First Blackpink Stroller Contest 2020“. The members, after being trained in trolley safety, wore the protective equipment carefully. After that, the members who got on the car started a driving test. Jisoo and Lisa showed tense expressions, but Rosé and Jennie were very confident.


Even though it was the driving test, but the slight rivalry among the members continued to laugh. Lisa started first but Rosé and Jennie overcame them immediately. Jenny demonstrates a bold and fast race. However, Rosé fell into the woods on the curves, in contrast, Jisoo comfortably enjoyed a safe drive.


Rap Time game officially begins. The first player is Lisa. Lisa came out strong. Lisa, who adapts perfectly to the race, drives safely even in slow curves, difficult curves and crosses the finish line in 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

The second athlete is Rosé, commonly known as the extreme fanatic. She showed her ability at a soft angle by slowing down in a curve after stepping on a Full Accell. Rosé entered Lisa’s record in 1 minute 48 seconds, 21 seconds faster.


Next, Jennie started running without hesitation. The singer has become the prodigy of the stroller when it comes to curves. Her brilliant driving ability irrespective of the track made the television team admire. In particular, after entering the acceleration zone, the fast speed easily surpassed the ending point, surprising everyone. The final record is 1 minute 36 seconds. She has won the number 1 spot nicely.


The index’s race reversed, the last athlete to join, also stood out. She came out energetically with the dance, although she did a steady race, the speed increased compared to training, she set a record 1 minute 42 seconds and climbed 2nd place.

On the other hand, Blackpink will return with a new song in collaboration with pop star Selena Gomez on August 28. On October 2, the first official full album after 4 years of the debut will be released.