Have you ever been insecure with your round face lacking in elegance? Don’t worry because each face shape has its own beauty and charm. With this face shape, the advantage is that it gives you a lovely, cute and gentle look. However, many people also think that round face doesn’t fit many hairstyle. Well, that can’t be more further than the truth.

Look at BLACKPINK Jennie and you will see. Jennie had a round face, a slightly short chin, and chubby cheeks. When she debuted, many people used to “criticize” Jennie that her face was lacking, but now Jennie has shown that stereotypes about round faces are completely wrong. Because this 1996-born female idol knows how to use good hairstyles to match her face and turn them into trends.

Jennie never considered her round face as a defect. She chooses hairstyles to make it more perfect and fashionable.

The first is this curly hair with delicate bangs. This hairstyle will help your appearance become both gentle, feminine and trendy.


Still a gentle curly hair, but this time, your hair hugs holds your face closer, makeing the face more elegant and full of charisma.


A shoulder-length hair cut brings out your charm.


The bob haircut makes your face look extremely stylish.


Jennie looks simple, trendy and elegant with a layered haircut.


The straight layered haircut is feminine and full of elegance.