Former T-ara member Soyeon has confirmed her appearance on MBN’s new entertainment show ‘Miss Baek’ hosted by Baek Ji Young.

‘Miss Baek’ is a new-concept documentary program where former female idols, who are being gradually forgotten in people’s memories, dream of taking another leap forward, and share hidden stories that they could not tell before. The show is also expected to be the turning point that may help idols have the “second heyday” of their lives.


In particular, Baek Ji Young will play as a producer and life mentor.

Soyeon made her debut as a member of T-ara in 2009. In addition to her singing career, the idol is also an all-rounder, appearing in dramas such as ‘Lovers of Haeundae’, ‘Sweet Temptation’, as well as entertainment programs ‘Radio Star’ and ‘Video Star’.

Attention is focusing on whether Soyeon will receive a turning point with her various performances through ‘Miss Baek’.