Check Out These 8 Amazing End-of-Year Cover Songs

Check Out These 8 Amazing End-of-Year Cover Songs

One of the highlights of the end-of-year festivities is the special stages prepared by various idol groups!

Watching them perform the songs of their senior and junior artists is a testament to their immense talent, and here are eight of the best end-of-year cover songs that they have performed!

1. 2PM "Heartbeat" (Female ver.): 2PM are known to have some of the hardest choreography, especially because at the beginning of their debut, they were known for their acrobatics on stage, and one of the most difficult songs to cover from the many hits they've had is "Heartbeat" but being able to see girl groups perform it and pull it off really well brings a new light to just how talented these female idols are!

2. LE SSERAFIM "The Boys": Maybe it's because originally LE SSERAFIM take on a more edgy concept, rather than the usual innocent and cute concept that they were able to pull off the cover of Girl's Generation "The Boys" so well, especially with fellow member Chaewon who caught the attention of many for how well she was able to pull of Taeyeon's part!

3. TXT "DNA": Now, TXT has had their fair share of BTS covers, but wow, this one was spot-on perfect! Beginning with the choreography, to the facial expression and even the vocals, TXT has outdone themselves once more!

4. ITZY Yuna "U-Go-Girl": Stunning doesn't even begin to describe Yuna's performance! From her carefully chosen outfit to her captivating stage presence, if Yuna ever gets a solo debut, let's hope that she goes with a similar concept because she absolutely nailed this song!

5. BTS "Perfect Man": Of course, this song cover cannot be omitted from this list, because this is where BTS Jimin stole the show. With his orange hair, black on black outfit, you can't help but be allured by this stage!

6. T-ara "Bo Beep" (Male ver.): For every male group, there's always that one phase where they push aside their fierce, dark concepts for a cutesy one, and well, you can imagine how fans took it when they saw their favorite male idols in animal headbands with big animal paws!

7. Brown Eyed Girls "Dot" (Male ver.): This performance became a hot topic because Jo Kwon was on "We Got Married" with Ga In. To see him perform her song, everyone was pretty ecstatic to see him dance to a rendition of "Dot!"

8. EXID "DDD" (Comedic Ver.): After "Up & Down" became a mega-hit unexpectedly, EXID followed up with an even catchier song called "DDD." Of course, everyone ended up creating covers, and what's even better is the humor that fellow comedian Park Na Rae brought in her own rendition of the hit song!

With 2022 over, what are some covers you would like to see next year?

Source: Allkpop