Shindong of boy group Super Junior has been selected as an MC for MBC’s special event ‘2020 ISAC – eSports Competition’.


On September 11, Korean media outlets reported that Super Junior Shindong will host MBC’s Chuseok special entertainment show ‘Idol eSports Competition’ – a spinoff of the well-known ‘ISAC’ – ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’.

The ‘Idol eSports Competition’ is held as a temporary replacement for the 2020 ISAC since all gym games are canceled in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Shindong will be an MC at a time when his interest in eSport has increased. The Super Junior member, who is considered as one of the leading game players in the music industry, is expected to show his presence without regret.

Earlier, in January, Shindong also served as a commentator for eSports events at the ‘2020 ISAC Lunar New Year Special’. At that time, he received favorable reviews for his unique pleasant talk and commentary based on his extensive knowledge of games.


Shindong will host the show together with trot singer Hong Jin Young. Expectations are also high as they are said to be reunited with Jeon Yong Yoon, a commentator who worked with him at the ‘2020 ISAC Lunar New Year Special’.