All-rounder Key from boy group SHINee and rapper Hanhae, two of the original members of ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’, will return to the show as guest stars.


According to an official from tvN, Key and Hanhae will participate in this week’s recording of ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’.

Key and Hanhae were first-year members of the show, but they had to drop out to fulfill their mandatory military duty. Now, as the two have completed their military service, they will visit the show again this time as special guests.

In particular, attention is being paid to what kind of chemistry they will achieve when they meet with Nucksal and P.O., who filled in their places as the program’s fixed cast. In addition, it is noteworthy whether Key and Hanhae will be able to show off their previous ‘dictation’ skills when they visit the show after a long time.

The broadcast will air as early as this month.

‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ is a weekend entertainment program featuring Shin Dong Yup, Park Na Rae, Hyeri, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Dong Hyun, Nucksal and P.O. as regular members. In the show, the cast carry out missions to accurately dictate certain parts of the song to win hot foods in the national market.