Global idol group MONSTA X will be the 2nd guest of KakaoTV’s original web entertainment show ‘Face ID’, starting October 26.


‘Face ID’ is a new-concept mobile reality show that peeps into the daily lives of stars through their smartphones. In September, Lee Hyo Ri has made headlines by revealing her colorful appearance as a superstar and her small unaffected daily life’s details through the show.

MONSTA X, the show’s second artist, is a popular idol group that has built a global fandom, captivating fans around the world with unique music and powerful performances in every album released since their debut in 2015.

Through a total of 4 episodes, MONSTA X will reveal their smartphones, which are actually used by all six members: Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M. Since they are idols who are familiar with mobile, fans will be able to get closer to their daily lives through smartphone applications such as cameras and SNS.

From the members’ colorful off-stage beauty to their sloppy appearances in their daily lives, fans will be able to see all of the “unexpected charms.” In particular, as the members are just individuals in their daily lives, not as a member of MONSTA X, their lifestyles and personalities will also be revealed as they are, such as their favorite music, communication with friends and fans, and ways to relax.

Furthermore, MONSTA X, who are set to make a comeback on November 2, will also reveal the process of preparing for their upcoming album through ‘Face ID’, raising fans’ expectations.

The production team of ‘Face ID’ said, “As we are a generation using smartphones almost every day, the smartphones will reveal not only MONSTA X members’ ordinary lives, but also their different personalities, charms, and lifestyles, and provide a fresh fun, laughter, and empathy.”