Girl group Cosmic Girls (WJSN) will communicate with fans around the world through the online live ‘AS WE WISH’ on October 24 at 9 PM KST.


The poster for the online live ‘AS WE WISH’ is a modified version of WJSN‘s album ‘As You Wish’ released last year. Through the title, the group wants to deliver a message saying “Do as you want”, and is expected to give bright energy and hope to fans during this on-tact concert.

The members in the poster, dressed in sassy white dresses, are attracting attention by revealing their innocent and colorful looks. Staring at the front with mysterious eyes, they create a dreamy aura unique to the group, and overwhelms those who see them with their graceful figure.

In the video released along with the poster, the words “WJSN ONLINE LIVE” and “‘AS WE WISH’ (2020. 10. SAT. 9PM)” were shown along with some clips from the music video for ‘BUTTERFLY’ released in June, further raising expectations for the live performance.

K-pop fans are already giving enthusiastic responses to the live, as the girls plan to release positive energy with a new stage that has not been performed before, a well as a rich stage where fans can feel the charms of the members.

The live will be available on Olleh TV and Seezn.