Seungwoo talked about his former X1 members.


VICTON‘s Seungwoo and Subin were special MCs for ‘Idol Radio‘ at 9 PM KST on the 18th. During the show, Seungwoo talked about CRAVITY and mentioned Minhee and Hyeongjun, two CRAVITY members who were also with him before X1 disbanded.

He expressed that he was supporting them fully, showing that he was being a good hyung to the members even after the group was ended.

CRAVITY is a 9-member boy group under Starship Entertainment. They made their debut on April 14, 2020 with Hideout: Remember Who We Are – Season1. Their name stands for “Center of Gravity” and combines the words “Creativity” and “Gravity” to bring you into their universe with a unique charm.

On March 9th of 2020, VICTION released the mini-album “Continuous”. The album was the first release since X1’s disbandment and the first to include Seungwoo since PDX101. Their lead single, “Howling”, received an award from the Korean music show, “The Show”, on March 17th.

Would you like to see CRAVITY and VICTON on stage together someday?