Which Group Disbandments Is The Most “Peaceful” & Most “Painful” Ever?

Which Group Disbandments Is The Most “Peaceful” & Most “Painful” Ever?

Here are 8 of those discussed.

Disbandments are, sadly, a pretty common occurrence in the K-Pop industry. While sometimes they’re expected and unsurprising, other times they can seem to come out of nowhere and leave fans devastated and confused. Recently on Reddit, some K-Pop fans discussed what they believe to be some of the most “peaceful” as well as some of the most “painful” group disbandments that they’ve experienced.

1. Peaceful: SISTAR

Some fans consider SISTAR’s disbandment to be one of the smoothest and most pain-free times that a K-Pop group has disbanded! The group let fans know that it was going to happen before it did, allowing the fandom to have a chance to say goodbye.

The girls also had one last release and round of promotions (and even performed a medley of their biggest hits) as a send-off too their fans, and after the disbandment, each member went on to pursue their passions in different fields while remaining friends.

2. Painful: PRISTIN

On the opposite side of the spectrum, PRISTIN’s disbandment might go down as one of the most unexpected and heartbreaking disbandments in K-Pop. Many fans are upset about how poorly they were managed and how little promotion they got despite how much potential they had.

And what made things even more difficult for the fandom was the hope they were given when the sub-unit PRISTIN V came out with a fantastic song, “Get It”, giving fans the possibility that more music might soon be released… But it sadly didn’t go anywhere.

3. Peaceful: BOYFRIEND

While fans were understandably upset about BOYFRIEND’s disbandment, it wasn’t a big surprise to many, and in fact, was anticipated by a large part of the fandom. Despite their disbandment, though, the members have remained friends, and even reunited for their 10th anniversary since debut back in May of this year under the name “BF”. They even now have active Twitter and Instagram accounts as a group!

4. Painful: 2NE1

2NE1’s sudden and unexpected disbandment has also remained one of the most devastating group break-ups in K-Pop history, and continues to be a heartache for many fans even today.

Blackjacks believe that the group was never given the proper treatment and creative freedom that they deserved, and between Minzy not renewing her contract and other ongoing scandals, YG Entertainment says that those were the reasons they decided to disband the group, though some fans believe there might have been other motives.

5. Peaceful: Rainbow

Rainbow was another group that disbanded on good terms with each other, with the members remaining as friends keeping in contact even after the disbandment. Like BOYFRIEND, the group even came together in 2019 (three years after their disbandment) for a 10th anniversary comeback, where they released the music video “Aurora” for their fans!

6. Painful: SPEED

Many fans of SPEED believe that they never got the attention that they deserved for not only their musical talent, but their unique and phenomenal choreography and stunts as well, including performing an entire dance in Heelys. Unfortunately, their company didn’t promote them as well as they could have, and despite their talent, the group ended up disbanding before they really got the recognition that many think they deserved.

7. Peaceful: 100%

While 100% tragically lost their leader, Minwoo, in 2018 when he passed away due to cardiac arrest, the remaining four members continued on with their career until they disbanded just last month. While fans were sad to see this happen, many are also relieved that they are no longer under TOP Media, who they feel didn’t treat the members as they should have. Their final release as a group, “Can’t Say Goodbye”, came out shortly before then, and the members appear to still be close as well.

8. Painful: X1

And finally, almost every K-Pop fan knows about the hype over X1’s debut, and the ensuing devastation that came with their much too-early disbandment due to the voting scandal from the competition series that formed the group, Produce X 101. Not only did the members and fans get no closure before the disbandment, but the members had to give apologies as well, despite none of it being their fault.

They likely would have found the same type of success as Wanna One had as a temporary group, but at least fans can take comfort knowing that each of the members are now pursuing their own careers.