These Male Idols Have "Tsundere" Vibes That Attract Fans The Most

These Male Idols Have "Tsundere" Vibes That Attract Fans The Most

These names on this list are sometimes considered as "Tsundere" because they look quite cold and intimidating at the fi...

These names on this list are sometimes considered as "Tsundere" because they look quite cold and intimidating at the first sight. However, their inner self is just so soft and so adorable that make fans just want to cuddle them, despite the harsh vibe at first.

Let's check out this list right now and find out if your favorite artists are in this!


The all-rounded leader of NCT is indeed a "tsundere" that no one could deny, especially when he performs on stage. The exploding charisma, intense gaze and perfectly precise choreography as well as the deep and husky rap voice, all combine to make Taeyong become the most eye-catching member of a 23-member group.


However, Taeyong off-stage is indeed a cute fluffy ball who is a caring mother of 22 kids! Not only being the ace idols of NCT, Taeyong is a person of family who enjoys doing house chores and cooking so much. He's also a reliable member that others could to him to ask for advice or just a hug!



Not the type of intimidating and badass like Taeyong but V gives out the coldness and unreal vibe like an anime character because of his perfectly sculptured face. Since debut to nowadays, his handsomeness is just getting more and more complete. V is even marking his name in the world's most handsome face top.


Most of the cold vibe he gives come from his hurtfully handsome face but when he started talking, the cuteness will quickly flutter fan's hearts.



Being known as EXO's maknae but Sehun has had a cold and distant face since debut days and until now, that's still one of his attractive features. However, despite that hard-to-reach feeling, Sehun has a surprising sense of humor that always makes his hyungs smile without knowing it.


Besides, don't forget such iconic moments that only Sehun could pull off such as the "Yehet".


Stray Kids - HYUNJIN

Hyunjin is the visual, main dancer and center of Stray Kids which is believed that comes from his prince-alike face and supreme charisma on stage. Along with Taeyong, Hyunjin is another idol with perfect duality: super intimidating and intense on stage and a dorky, drama-queen off stage.


Some of his iconic moments are when his facial expressions completely changed during "Miroh" stage.

Besides, his smile-eyes are the next thing to reconfirm the fact that Hyunjin is a tsundere indeed. There are no threatening feelings at all when he smiles!



Yeonjun is bringing the vibe of a rebellious high-school student who always skip class and ready to get in any fight. In the other words, he's also known as the one who is in charge of "bad guy" image in the group.


However, Yeonjun in real life is totally the opposite version of idol-Yeonjun.



Last but not least, Baekho of NU'EST is the next name to appear on this list. Not only his sharp face but his well-built body is the intimidating yet attractive of this idol.